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dbldee20 01-25-2009 09:38 AM

Is it ok to paint concrete floor in winter...
The air temp. in my basement is about 60F right above the floor. I wasn't sure if the paint would adhere to the concrete properly in winter. I live in Pgh & outside temp has been consistently in the 20's. My basement is completely underground I have no idea what the temp of the concrete is.

Also can anyone suggest a good concrete floor paint. I painted latex over what I think was oil based about 6 yrs ago. Any suggestions for prepping floor aside from cleaning & eliminating loose paint? The latex held up ok except when something heavy was dragged across it. I would rather have bare concrete, but it was already painted & I'd rather not strip all the paint off & move everything from my basement.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Nestor_Kelebay 01-25-2009 01:37 PM

An oil based or polyurethane floor paint would be a better choice than latex on a floor.
The concern I would have about painting in winter is condensation forming on the cold concrete. If the concrete is dry, then the paint should stick well to it.

Cool temperatures will slow the rate at which oil based paints cure, but they don't interfere with the curing process. The paint will still cure properly, but more slowly. Your floor paint may remain tacky for several weeks! But, once the temperature warms up again, the paint will resume curing at it's normal rate.

minchu 02-06-2009 01:06 PM

I respectfully disagree that oil base floor paint may be better for dbldee20's floor. Using a good satin finish latex base floor paint holds some compelling advantages. First of all, a latex paint will dry for normal use much more quickly than the oil. As a result, dbldee20 will have the use of his basement in a day or so instead of a month or more. Also, A latex floor paint is much more sure footed when wet. And finally, I really do believe that a good quality latex floor paint will hold up every bit as well as it's oil base counterpart.

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