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Jasonuncloned 10-20-2010 07:53 PM

Oil based paint over Latex? No need for Primer?
Hi Everyone,

I'm in the final stages of cleaning up an utter disaster of a painting project. I moved into a rather unfinished looking artist loft space where the owner had improvised adding the extra plumbing for the shower in the bathroom by running pipes along the floor and building a raised plywood platform floor above that. So I had a red plywood floor in my bathroom when I moved in!

Well I wanted a normal color for that instead of barn red, so I proceeded with painting it using Dutch Boy Latex Porch and Floor Paint. Of course the know nothing Menards employee said "Oh you don't need primer, it's mixed right in the paint."

So I did 2 full coats and 2 days later after I thought it had dried fully I started removing tape off of the walls near the floor. It pulled paint off in CHUNKS. Once it got loose the paint continued to peel and I considered it to be a total loss so I just started removing it. I used a paint type testing strip that it was in fact Latex I painted on, so maybe I screwed up by not using a primer or not giving it proper curring time before I peeled the tape.

Anyway, I've now removed all of the paint, and in some areas resorted to using paint stripper to get it down to bare wood. I also hit the entire floor with a palm sander to rough up the surface, and there is no glossiness left to it. I want to make sure that this time I do NOT screw it up as I am most likely moving out in the next few months.

So I'm torn as to what I want to cover it with.

1) I use a true Alkyd/Oil Floor & Deck Enamel. I spoke to a legitimate paint store yesterday (they even MAKE their own industrial coatings) and they recommended that I just paint right over the latex with a Pitsburgh Paints Alkyd/Oil Porch and Floor Paint. I'm hesitant to do this though because A) I'm still not sure I should skip the primer this time. B) I don't know if I want a glossy, smooth and potentially slippery paint on my bathroom floor! I hate to step out of the shower, slip, and crack my head open when I'm reaching for a towel.

2) I use an oil based primer like Zinsser Fast Prime or Cover Stain, or a shllac based B-I-N Primer then follow up with whatever acrylic based paint is appropriate. Back to the previously mentioned concern of a slippery smooth oil based surface, this may be safer on a floor that I expect to be wet. The main thing here is proper adhesion.

So what do you think will be the better adhering option?

Straight up Oil based paint right over the latex sans primer?


Oil based Zinsser Primer and a porch and floor latex?

mazzonetv 10-20-2010 08:10 PM

Most latex floor paints are self priming. If you would have scuffed the floor up a little and let the paint fully dry you probably would have been fine. However, if you can get oil based floor coatings - here in NYC they are next to impossible to find - they sure do hold up better than the latex IMO. Just make sure you clean the floor really well - getting anything up that is peeling, loose, etc... two THIN coats of the floor paint should be fine and not require any primer. If you decide to use a latex floor paint again, then I would suggest using an oil based primer for two reasons - first the latex floor paint can raise the wood grain in the bare wood. Second, since this floor has been an issue an oil based primer should do a good job of tightening everything up and giving you a sound base...

Good luck!

Windows 10-20-2010 10:33 PM

I recently had the opportunity to try this product and found it to be excellent. Water based, tough as nails, with a smooth (but not slippery) finish. One of it's recommended uses is 'helipads', so certainly it would be up to the task on a bathroom floor.


I don't know everything about this product having used it only the one time, so give SW a call to find out more if you are interested.

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