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Startingover 10-19-2012 10:41 AM

now on to primer
Finally! I dealt with wallpaper paste and 30 yr old latex paint which was put directly on the drywall. After arm killing hours and trying every known removal process I scrubbed the walls with TSP, rinsed then went to my paint store for Zinsser Gardz. They don't carry it. Went to H.D. Two types of Zinsser but no "Gardz" and no one knew what it was. I selected what I thought was the best for my walls and went home.

I investigated skim coating and think possibly I could do it myself. (cost about $20 for compound and smoothing tool). I also investigated SW textured paint for a cost of $70-90. I also looked at spray cans of orange peel to use on areas I scraped smooth.

After considering options I decided to try just a primer and see how it looked then was going to first try the cheaper method of skim coating.

After worrying about gouges from removing loose latex and smooth areas where I scraped the orange peel off and areas where I took off the outer layer of drywall I slapped the Zinsser up.

Much to my total amazement a miracle seems to have happened.........

The wall looks beautiful and I can't see the different areas where I scraped the drywall smooth or took off drywall backing.

How can this be?

Hoping I don't jinx myself but (fingers crossed) it's been 24 hrs and so far so good. I'm waiting a good week to make sure the crud on the walls doesn't cause the primer to come off.

I did have some little pops in the primer as I rolled it on and had to go back and add more primer careful not to over roll. I think it looks so good now because the Zinsser is such a flat dull finish.

My only problem now is that the Zinsser is on my arm and all down the front of my legs and I can't get it off. Before you ask how.....I don't know. I even tried nail polish remover. I guess eventually I'll shed skin and the primer will come off.

Thank you to all the painters who recommended Zinsser.

Brushjockey 10-19-2012 03:22 PM

Zinsser makes about a billion primers. Which one did you use?
I often use a scrubbie to get waterborne primers off- some adhere well- that's what they do!
I wear paint clothes to paint in. They get paint on them. Thats what they do.

BTW- never use nail polish remover on skin. Ever.
If you used Cover Stain- Zinsser's oil primer, use a waterless hand cleaner like goop.
It won't do a thing for a water based primer though.
Sometimes saturate the paint on body parts with a lanolin rich ( cheap) hand lotion for a bit before cleaning with scrubbie and soap, it might soften it up.

chrisn 10-19-2012 04:31 PM

Gardz can be ordered through :eek: HD :eek:

and as brush asked which one did you use?

Startingover 10-29-2012 05:10 PM

I used Zinsser "PrimeCoat 2".

In my limited experience it's the best ever.

Brushjockey 10-29-2012 07:08 PM

Prime coat 2 is excellent for many things, but it does not seal as completely as Gardz. You could be fine , you could see a bit of "cottage cheesy" looking blooms on the wall even years down the road if the humidity reaches the paste. But that primer is far better than no primer.

Startingover 10-31-2012 02:14 PM

why couldn't I find "Gardz" at my local HD store? Too late I discovered the manager at SW paint store could have ordered it for me.

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