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Dusty 10-21-2006 03:12 AM

new windows coming...need to paint
Well the windows I ordered nearly 5 months ago are going to be delivered sometime next week and will be installed the following week. I need to paint them before they are installed (just easier to do them while they are at my level). They are wood and I live in Calgary which has some extreme temp variations (and we are heading into winter so yet another reason I need to paint them inside before they are installed as it's just too cold to paint outside I think).

Usually I like to use Zinsser 123 and want to check if that is the right thing to be using with this new wood. This wood is unfinished, some sort of fir/pine or whatever. Is this the right primer to be using on this project?

Also, can I use a latex opaque stain (I've already used it on my fence and some trim in the back of the house) or should I use a latex paint on the side which will be exterior? If it is paint I should use, any suggestions (I don't do Benjamin Moore but I'm open to other brands)?

Speaking of which...on the interior I am going to be trying to match my 75 yr old fir trim (which is typical shellac over stain). Any suggestions for getting this modern wood to come close to the old which I know had a bit of a reddish cast to it naturally? Is there anything I should be doing with the interior side given the temp changes it may go through?

joewho 11-01-2006 01:38 PM


The primer is as good as any. You can use the stain, but don't prime first. Otherwise, prime and paint.

Matching the trim is not an easy feat. You'll have to determine what the stain color is. Most stains have either red, brown or green highlights. Shellac has amber or orange overtones. If your stain has reddish overtones you can probably just use the amber shellack. Otherwise, you may have to go online and find a supplier of orange shellack chips. There will be plenty of easy to understand info about it as well as alchohol to chip ratios.

Hope this helps.

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