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New primer is peeling on old work, what NOW?

I scraped the popcorn from the ceiling, a few days later went over it again to remove the remaining texture and wiped down with water and a rag two times. I thought this would be sufficient but I was wrong. The popcorn was applied over a latex paint or primer and not directly on to the drywall, this made it very dificult to remove 100% of the texture residue because of the recessed spaces caused by the rolled application of the primer/paint.

We proceeded to prime (Zinsser 1-2-3) one room lastnight and after a few hours I tested for adhesion by scraping an area with my fingernail. I was able to peel the primer off of the ceiling very easily and on the under side of the peel was a small layer of texture/dust. It seems that even if I wiped down the surface 100 more times there would still be residue on the ceiling. I did test an area in another room with acetone and I was able to remove the remaining texture along with some of th underlying paint.

My questions are:

1. How do I remove the new coat of primer in room #1?

2. How do I remove all of the old texture residue throuh out the entire house? Should I do it chemically (acetone, TSP), or manually (wire brush, sanding)? This is a large area and we are on a very tight time line.

Thanks for you input.


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Although your scratch test was way too early to be a proper test, the fact that you found a dust layer underneath indicates chance of failure would be high

Regardless of texture removal success/difficultly, it is always possible to remove the dust
After scraping and sanding, a nice shop vacuuming followed by a Swiffer (dry-type) or a Wooster Dust Easter (basically a huge Swiffer) should more than sufficient
If it's not, then you didn't scrape off enough to begin with

Do not use acetone
As the texture is likely water-based, and likely sealed in latex paint, I wouldn't use TSP or other water mixes either
It might just make more mess

I'd stick with mechanical removal/cleaning

To remove the new, failing, primer, your best course of action is to scrape and sand any loose or ill adhering primer off


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I'd see if you can remove the Zinsser Bullseye 123 primer with Scotch Tape. Just stick the Scotch tape to the primer and pull the tape of, and hopefully the primer will come with it.

If successful, look in your yellow pages phone directory under Adhesives or Tape, Adhesive, and you'll find the major adhesives manufacturer's (like 3M, Henkel, LePage, Bostick) sales reps. You can buy cheap high tack adhesive tapes that are at least 4 inches wide from them.
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