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(sigh)...My posts will always be presented from the perspective of the manufacturer because (a) I'm more closely aligned with manufacturers than with contractors, and (b) sometimes you just need to consider the manufacturers intent of a product, and the sometimes unrealistic expectations of a product performance from the consumer or end user...Don't get me wrong, I have a great respect for contractors that take their trade seriously and strive to become better, more knowledgeable applicators...those that consider themselves craftsmen in their trade and enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship with a manufacturer or supplier of their preferred products - mutually beneficial because they can learn from each other and hopefully, then, both becomes better representatives of an industry too often associated with the under-educated and immoral...

Having said all that, few things chip me off more than to hear a contractor give his "expert" advice to a homeowner based on the "success" of his own personal experiences - when his (or her) advice is in direct contrast with what the manufacturer has recommended. So what constitutes a successful paint job? ...the fact that it hasn't fallen off the wall? ...or that the paint job looks OK? Manufacturers recommend primers for a reason - the reason is so you will realize the full, intended benefits of a finish other words, the structural integrity of a better to premium grade finish is dependent on the condition or, in this case, the porosity of the substrate it's applied to. When one intentionally compromises a recommended system for whatever reason, who takes the blame when that finish doesn't perform the way it is supposed to? ...well, since you asked, it's usually the manufacturer - and the few times the painter is blamed and expected to answer for a paint job gone wrong, he (or she) will most the time give all the "credit" to the manufacturer for selling a shoddy product... then demanding labor from the manufacturer to repaint.

Sorry for the rant...I settle paint disputes for a living. Last Friday, I was on a barn roof that had peeled within a year after application (I hate getting up on roofs). When I pointed out to the "painter" what the problem was, he first called me a "college puke"....(btw, I'm a 50-something and probably had 20 years on the guy)...then he threatened to throw me off the roof. The reason I tell that story is manufacturers make recommendations for a reason - if you want the manufacturer in your corner when a job does go south, then follow their simple instructions. The job will look better and the finish will perform more as it's expected to.


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Well said Rick, thanks.
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And BTW Rick- I think it's great and very helpful to have someone from your perspective here. adds much more depth to what goes on. Thanks!
"It's better to come here with questions before you screw up than to come here after and ask how to fix them."- JS
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Originally Posted by ric knows paint View Post
(So what constitutes a successful paint job? ...the fact that it hasn't fallen off the wall? ...or that the paint job looks OK?
Those are exactly the right sorts of questions to ask. In fact, everyone doing a job should ask himself "what constitutes a successful job here?" to hone in on the priorities for amount of money to spend and amount of work to put in. There are times to spend more and do more, and times not to.
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Originally Posted by dougp23 View Post
I always use a Sheetrock primer, it just seems to even out all the bad seams and awful sanding areas I tend to leave behind!
Interestingly enough, that's what a block filler does, and if that's the result you're after, you'd be better off with an extra coat of a high quality, high solids finish coat as primer than you are with a penetrating sealer. In fact that's one reason painting your wall this way can actually look better. You're nudging the drywall towards a level 5 finish.
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The original questions by the OP have been answered. Please read the posting rules to refresh your mind on "treat others with respect":

This thread is closed, Gary


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