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newpaint 07-25-2008 02:33 AM

new construction
Hello. New to the forum, but have been reading a lot of these diy posts lately. I am going to be painting a new home soon. The contractor will stop the work after tape and texture and turn the home over to me for painting before completion and finish work. No trim, no flooring. The windows and doors are already taped off for texture. First ? Do I need to prime?

In my mind this is great. I was going to buy a wagner paint crew and step in here and go to town. No hassles like overspray or taping. I know the wagner is crap, but $200 bucks? Renting one would be like $75/day. This seemed to make sense until I read every post slickshift puts up. Now I am not sure.

In the end it is a 2112 sq. ft home. great room and hallways one color, different colors in bedrooms, white ceilings. Do I buy the wagner, rent a sprayer, or brush and roll all of it? I will buy SW paint after reading the many threads on this topic.

747 07-25-2008 10:59 AM

zinsser bullseye 123 for primer. Sw for paint. You can go either way Professionals spray because its fast. After priming lightly sand or screen the walls. (finegrade sand paper) I would roll it all with a big roller. Renting a sprayer is ok but you have to get the hang of it.

slickshift 07-26-2008 10:36 PM

Yes, you'll need to primer
It's an important step, don't cheese out on it
A good Zinsser, Ben Moore, Sherwin Williams, or Pittsburgh primer

I'd be shocked if The Wagner Frustration Spitter made it through the whole project
It's problems will slow you down, not speed you up
If you were doing a long fence maybe
The cleaning (or lack of being able to clean the unit properly) alone makes it a poor choice for multiple colors
If you want to spray, I'd strongly suggest renting a real one

As you have a number of different colors, and ceilings a different color, unless you are real familiar with spraying, I'd recommend brush and rolling
It's going to take a bit of a learning curve to get it right, the chance for disaster is high, and all those colors means a lot of time spent cleaning up

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