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forcedreno2012 09-26-2013 06:36 PM

Nekked doors and trim - first time
Have half the doors and trim being delivered tomorrow. Here is what we have coming.

6 panel Pre hung Masonite hollow core doors
2.5" window casing FJP - using the smaller casing in the bedrooms
400' of 4" inch MDF cove moulding - baseboard wont be put in till the floors are done and that is way in the future right now.

This is all from a Lumberyard and not Big Box store.

Hubby is hanging everything with me as the helper but I get to do the painting. Here is my plan of attack, please let me know if I am off base anywhere.


Pre primed - Prime again, sand and then two coats of SW Proclassic trim paint. I am assuming that I would prime the tops and bottoms of the actual door as well. Is there enough room to paint the tops? I know there is on the bottoms but don't want the tops to stick by putting too many layers on. I also don't really want to remove the doors from the prehung frame etc and have the room to have them propped open. If I have a steady hand and oodles of time is it okay to tape the hinges? Do I sand between final coats?

Cove Trim

Pre primed - Cannot get wood or poly cove unless I execute "Plan B - Husbands life insurance hit" So we are going with MDF. I know its humid down here so will be primed again and then light sand and two coats of the proclassic. Is it beneficial to prime the edges/joints as well before hanging? Or is it better to actually seal this stuff vs just priming?

Pre primed - Again primed sanded and 2 coats of the pro classic. Again sand between or no?

I have the first coat of wall paint up and will be holding off on the second until all this stuff is up and caulked.

On a side note...spent 16 dollars on a trim paint brush today and said hubby bout had a fit until I reminded him of his two tool rule....Two tools for each job and the tools do not necessarily pertain to the current job...Needless to say I got my brush :laughing:. I have an old cheapie one that I have had for years but I know that trim is not forgiving so splurged for a good Purdy one.

Anything I am missing?

Thanks in advance


joecaption 09-26-2013 07:02 PM

Any preprimed material I've seen looks pretty poopy and may need to be sanded before sealing.
Unless there's bare material showing you should only need one coat of primer.
Doors need to be sealed on all 6 sides, if not they will absorb moisture and swell which will cause sticking.
There should be more then enough room to paint the top of the door.

ToolSeeker 09-26-2013 09:47 PM

I agree with Joe. With pro classic I would suggest reading some of the older threads as there is a bit of a learning curve with it. Unless there is a problem with the first coat, rough or runs or sags, you really don't need to sand between coats. I don't know your experience level but if you get runs brush them out while they are wet if dry they are a bear to sand out. If you start getting runs or sags try putting it on thinner, and don't overwork it.

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