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gagaliya 09-25-2009 09:24 PM

need urgent advice, ceiling paint
Hi the contractors are putting in the hardwood floors on monday, as a result i need some urgent help about the ceiling painting.

They supposely painted the ceiling with two coats of behr premium ultra (or something like that) paint. It looked fine until i saw it on a sunny day (today), standing at the door and looking forward at the entire ceiling it doesnt look even at all, i dont know how to describe it exactly, sort of you can see the brush strokes instead of a flat white surface... but if i stand directly under the ceiling and look up it's fine.

I dont know if i am been too picky or the contractor didnt do a good job. Can someone please tell me. Also i am thinking about buying some bm muresco and repaint it myself over the weekend so the floor installation can start on monday. Is that a good idea, i never painted before but had done research online.

What to do....

saggdevil 09-25-2009 09:36 PM

Brush or roller marks???? If roller marks, possibly trying to squeeze too much paint out of the roller. If it's brush marks around the edge from cut in, then it could be lack of a good quality brush or poor quality paint. Possibly it needs another coat of paint. It's very possible the whole job looks sub-par due to the Behr paint. It is a very poor quality paint and I'd never ever use it again; once was enough. If it were my house I'd go buy some good quality paint such as Sherwin Williams, Ben Moore, etc. and repaint the entire ceiling. It should take care of the problem. Use a good quality brush and roller. I'd use 1/2" nap on the ceiling. Purdy White Dove is a very good quality roller and Purdy brushes are great. To do the ceiling, you'll need an extender pole.
Good luck. Interested in how it turns out.

gagaliya 09-25-2009 09:46 PM

thanks for the info, that's my first thought too that i will just do it myself, i dont mind spending the weekend on it.

but i asked a friend who had done it themselves in the past, and he told me it's very difficult and he would never try it himself again. He said if you apply too much pressure or too little pressure both would cause the paint to look uneven which will be right back where i started... also he said he couldnt move his head for days afterwards :huh:

so i am kind scared now to do it myself, in fear that i would mess it up even more...

saggdevil 09-25-2009 09:49 PM

I usually have my ceilings painted since I had a neck injury some time back. It would require some strong arms to keep the roller on a pole at a steady, even pressure. Even if you have someone else do it, do yourself a favor and buy some good quality paint. You'll thank yourself for it.

saggdevil 09-25-2009 09:52 PM

Chances are once you get your room finished and furniture, rugs, etc moved back into the room, those items along with the newly finished floors will be the target of attention and will probably not even notice the ceiling.

chrisn 09-26-2009 03:29 AM

Along with the already posted good advise your pick of bm muresco is a very good one:yes:

DangerMouse 09-26-2009 05:40 AM

you should lisn to chrisn, he knows his paint!


user1007 09-26-2009 07:37 AM

Ditto the advice for using decent paint. I like Benjamin Moore but have clients with Sherwin Williams accounts so use as much of that brand. As you are finding out, there really is no such thing as cheap paint. I am surprised a pro would use Behr! I hope he didn't dare warrant the finish with that stuff.

I have yet to run into anyone who paints now and then or for a living that shouts, "Oh boy! I get to paint ceilings today!" but they come with the territory. You can do it! Your neck will be used in ways it hasn't in awhile so you might feel it for a day or so but this is not going to take you that long.

Definitely, as suggested above, use a nice roller cover with at least 1/2" nap (thicker if your ceiling is textured but it sounds from your note like it is flat) cover. A good solid roller extension pole that doesn't flex on you will speed your progress. See if the paint store will lend you one if you don't want to buy one (they come in handy for washing windows too if you need to justify the cost).

Since you are new to painting use painters tape where you cut in the ceiling to the walls and around your light fixture(s). You can bag the fixture with a grocery or garbage bag to keep paint off of it.

Chrisn is right that few will ever walk in and notice that your ceiling isn't perfect but if it bothers you knowing it is, have at the project. You will be gratified when you are done.

gagaliya 09-26-2009 10:04 AM

thanks guys, i will go checkout a bm store right now. The ceiling is completely flat(it is a popcorn removal project), they did do a good job sanding/priming it i think, just not painting :/ I have crown molding along the edges and they are also pure white, does that mean i dont need tapes? since it wont matter if some paint got on the molding as they are both white.

the sad part of all this is i spent a lot of time researching the contractors and thought i picked a specialist that deals with popcorn ceiling removal/painting based on all the 5 star service magic reviews...From all the feedback it looks like the paint material used is the problem.

user1007 09-26-2009 10:07 AM

If the crown molding is a different sheen than what you are painting the ceiling you will want to tape it off and cut-in to it and not paint over it. Sorry you had to be disappointed. It does sound like the paint quality was a major part of the problem here if they did a decent job of getting the evil popcorn stuff off.

saggdevil 09-26-2009 11:45 AM

Also, you may want to check to see if they primed the ceiling after all the mud work. They may have thought the paint with primer in it was enough, but it isn't. You still need a good bonding primer such as Zinsser Bullseye prior to quality paint.

gagaliya 09-27-2009 01:24 AM

Hi guys, just an update i told the contractor basically they did a crappy job (in a nicer way) and didnt understand why they decided to use behr. The supervisor came and looked at the work and agreed with me.

So they are going to repaint the whole ceiling again, but this time i will be supplying the paint (bm muresco). I figured 100 bucks for quality paint is worth the extra cost for something significant like the ceiling....

Since i know exactly how behr looks, i will let you guys know how it looks with bm muresco when it's done, as a direct comparison.

saggdevil, i am not too clear how i can tell if the primed the ceiling properly. But i know they spent 3 whole days just sanding the ceiling and stuff after removing the popcorn (who the heck on earth wants to put those things on their ceiling!! ). The ceiling does look very flat.

thanks all for the help so far!

brenda o 09-27-2009 02:49 AM

very informative stuff:) I appreciate the info on the quality of the paint and
if you don't mind me jumping in, my flooring materials are coming in on Monday but, its a DYI so have time to find out about my ceiling. I also want it painted, and very unfortunately, have the popcorn ceiling. I made a mess out of trying to remove the one in the bathroom and ended up using a sand texture to cover it up. I didn't know about this site and didn't think of researching it. Anyway, I'm really not up to taking the "popcorn" off the ceilings right now but do need to paint it. Any specific nap, roller, ect.? I'm clear now on the paint brand:)

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