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MBScott 09-07-2006 01:34 PM

Need recommendation for type of kitchen cabinet paint
Hi everyone,

I'm going to be painting cabinets in the kitchen. They are about 16 years old and really need some minor TLC. I'm OK with the process (taking them apart, using Kilz, sanding, etc) but I have no idea what kind of paint to buy:


I'm not terribly concerned with clean-up. It's about a 10 X 10 standard set of cabinets, so I think I can just throw away brushes, rather than clean them.

Any hints, recommendations, products, etc, that you guys can throw at me, I'd love to hear!



J187 09-07-2006 02:39 PM

Well, if you are not concerned with your cleanup and wan't the best results, I would vote that you use an oil-based primer and an oil-based enamel paint. The oil based enamel will end up being a stonger, more durable surface and easier to clean. Higher gloss is better for a kitchen. Beware, there will be an odor and it will take longer to dry, but you should get better end results.

slickshift 09-07-2006 03:54 PM

My Ideal Cabinet Repaint:

Clean with ammonia/water solution
Let dry

Sand with 180
This is to rough up the surface, not sand it off
Wipe with Tack Cloth

Prime with shellac based primer
Let dry

Sand with 180
This is a light sanding to smooth out the shellac a bit
Wipe with tack cloth

Paint first coat, with a proper brush, quality oil-based, high gloss enamel
Let dry over night

Sand with 220
Wipe with tack cloth

Second coat quality oil based high gloss enamel, also with a brush

Enjoy beautiful cabinets

*Substitute quality oil-based primer and quality waterborne enamel as needed/preferred

><(((jan(((D> 09-07-2006 05:54 PM

what kind of paint if you've already primed with kilz2 ?

slickshift 09-07-2006 07:31 PM


Originally Posted by ><(((jan(((D> (Post 17655)
what kind of paint if you've already primed with kilz2 ?

...sorry, wrong type of paint (latex)
It may hold, it may fail
Also wrong type of paint in as much as Kilz2 isn't good even as a latex primer
Not trying to be a paint snob, it's just not a good product
Kilz Original is the only good one they make-and that's a great one btw

I guess if I didn't want to strip off the Kilz2 I'd try a waterborne enamel over it
(BM Satin Impervo or SWP Pro Classic) and hope for the best
...after dumping what's left of the Kilz2 down the toilet

At the first sign of failure (if it happens) strip and prime it with a solvent-based primer

What did you prime over?
If it was latex paint (rather than stain/poly/oil) you've got a better chance of it holding

MBScott 09-07-2006 07:47 PM

Thanks so much everyone! I know just what to ask for now ( don't want to get laughed at at Home Depot, ya know!)

I REALLY appreciate having the steps all typed out for me like that. Thank you very much, slickshift!!

(As an aside, I tried that Kilz2 when I repainted the living room. I have to admit, it smells better. And that's IT. That was a waste of time and money. I even felt kinda bad about leaving it at the recycling center (they have this place called "Household paint exchange, so you can pick up what others leave) because there was so much there already!)


slickshift 09-07-2006 08:32 PM

No problem
One more tip
You'll get better products and advice from your local Paint Shop
Well worth the trip

Kennedy 09-08-2006 12:03 AM

More people should go to actual paint stores instead of the big home centers. You will get better service and better products from people who really know what they are selling.

><(((jan(((D> 09-08-2006 06:48 AM


...sorry, wrong type of paint (latex)
lol damnit, good thing i only did two doors so far! easy enough to sand and start over! :) this forum is great. i'm learning so much as a first time diyer here :)

J187 09-08-2006 08:15 AM

To elaborate on the previous advice, I'm really intent on driving their advice home to you.

Sorry if anyone is offended by this *

Not only are you going to get better paint products at a smaller, specialty shop, but to shoot straight from the hip, home depot's paints absolutely suck! Behr Paints feel like someone allowed a crayon to disolve in a bucket of luke warm water and called it paint. The difference you will find in the higher end paints found at shops cannot be measured and the price is not all that much different. One thing though, you may want to consider shopping at one of the box stores like the depot for supplies. I know at my local sherwin williams, the roller buckets I use are $13.95 and the purdy brushes I like are $23.95. The same at my local Home Depot are $5.95 and $15.95 respectively.

Kennedy 09-08-2006 09:12 AM


Originally Posted by J187 (Post 17694)
Behr Paints feel like someone allowed a crayon to disolve in a bucket of luke warm water and called it paint.


I think they use maple syrup as the binding agent for the enamels.

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