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spidercharm 11-27-2012 09:37 AM

Need help with color selection for powder room
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I am looking to paint my powder room that has cherry hardwood floors (brown with red tone). The room has no windows. Baseboard color is white and sink/tank/bowl are light cream. I have read about going bold in selecting colors for the powder room instead of selecting a neutral color (as you generally would for other rooms). I was considering some flavor of red (more likely) or blue, but not sure which specific kind.

Although I brought various color palettes from local HD, I must admit I don't have a good sense with color selection. So, I can really use some help from color experts or if someone in a similar situation sharing their experience. I would really appreciate if you can mention specific color name/number for HD or Sherin Williams or other similar stores.

Thanks in advance.

jeffnc 12-04-2012 08:52 PM

Personally, I like dark colors in bathrooms. Yes, even small bathrooms. I think it looks elegant, rich, and more private, for lack of a better word. I don't want "open and airy" when I'm in a guest bathroom, whether I live in the house or not.

One of my home bathrooms is painted Sherwin Williams Canyon Clay. This might be too brown for you, but even if going "bold" with a "red", I'd still go for a more muted "bold" color (if that makes sense). Don't make it a candy apple or firecracker red, but something with clay, brown, gray, or some other. Not Tanager, but Fireweed. Not Heartthrob, but Fired Brick. Not Daredevil, but Flowerpot. Not Fabulous Grape, but River Rouge.

Gymschu 12-05-2012 08:15 AM

Jeff, I like those colors least for a powder room. I like the coffee brown colors with a hint of red. They are rich, vibrant, earth toned colors. Probably the only issue with going dark is that the floor is dark also and you can get that "boxed-in" feeling.

Mr. Paint 12-05-2012 12:06 PM

Almost all suggestions and options will look good. You have to decorate around the cream porcelain. I would lean to a mid-tone shaded blue such as called "French Blue" in the decorating world. Blues are very complimentary to the yellows in the fixtures.

jeffnc 12-05-2012 04:06 PM


Originally Posted by Gymschu (Post 1066741)
Probably the only issue with going dark is that the floor is dark also and you can get that "boxed-in" feeling.

Yeah, I would try to contrast a little with the floor - you're right, it is a bit dark.

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