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laurat 12-31-2010 07:57 PM

Need advice on quantity of primer and paint needed
I know you can only give me an estimate but how many gallons of white primer (glidden) and white paint (behr) is needed in an 1100-1200 sq ft 3 bedroom/2 bath with small laundry room are needed? Walls are textured and clean of any colored paint. Other brands aren't an option as the work has already been done. I just need validation from people with knowledge in the industry. All your quick responses are appreciated.... And Happy New Year!

Gymschu 12-31-2010 08:45 PM

Without seeing a pic this is tough to be accurate with an estimate. If the walls are textured, obviously you won't get as much square foot coverage as you would on flat walls. I'm gonna say that primer on textured walls will cover anywhere from 200 sq. ft. to 300 sq. ft. depending on how deep the texture is. I would roughly guess 4-5 gallons of primer & at least that much paint. If you're applying more than one coat obviously you would use more paint. Again, this is a rough guess & every painter applies paint differently and that could change the estimate rather drastically.

laurat 12-31-2010 09:16 PM

Thanks soooo much! It is not heavily textured.. just textured. So let me just confirm.... 23 cans of behr paint is excessive then? I'm so upset. This contractor was doing fantastic work and then this happened. He supposedly used the primer I bought and mixed it in with his "better" stuff and my primed walls turned greyish/green. After telling me to buy behr last week, he calls me this morning telling me it is crap and he had to buy 8 more gallons, making the total 23 gallons. I need help on how to commuicate with him. What do I say and do so I don't come across as a nut? I have several re-hab jobs I've done myself w/ hubby who believes everything people tell him (but he means well). We have used expensive paint and primer and cheap paint and primer and the bottom line is the walls were always white. It was never complicated.

Gymschu 12-31-2010 09:34 PM

Laurat, that is a lot of paint for the work you have described. I have painted some houses where I didn't use 23 gallons for the whole house! At the most, I would think 10-12 gallons is more than enough to complete this job; however, Behr can really be a "bear" to use.......I have had little success using it, it does sound like he ran into a bit of a problem, BUT if he told you to buy it I think he bears some responsibility here. I am mystified by one thing: if he is now saying Behr is crap paint, why did he go and buy more of it? As for communicating with him, just be honest, most contractors will patiently listen to your concerns & try to make their customer happy.

laurat 12-31-2010 10:25 PM

Thanks again so much... and it's New Years Eve..I need to sleep on it (on how to talk to my contractor). If a contractor doesn't tell the truth (a few times), how do you get the trust back?How do I confront him and tell him my boundries where I am satisfied and he doesn't feel humiliated? I really wanted to hire him for more projects. He is THAT good but for this issue I am saddened... Thanks again.

P.S. Except for this, our contractor has gone so far and above our expectations it is not even funny. We told him as much a number of times as well. I'm a "girl" with a few rental properties who needs you "guys" advice on how to work in this field and be taken seriously without me coming across as a ###ch. I'm a nice gal and I get angry with myself when I don't call contractors out when they do sub-standard work or try to tell me something I know is wrong/a lie. I've been doing this for 7 years now. I've been hosed many times and I've learned from my mistakes but obviously I haven't learned enough. I could really use your advice on that. Thanks again so much!

Matthewt1970 01-01-2011 12:13 AM

With Behr that is not too far off the mark. We recently did 4 ceilings in average rooms and it took 4 gallons of Behr and it still didn't look right. The company I work for typicly uses Pittsburg ceiling white and it shouldn't have been much more than 2 gallons. In your house with 3 bedrooms, Kitchen, Living room and maybe a full size dining room could easily be 5 gallons and that is just ceilings with 1 finish coat.

Gymschu 01-01-2011 09:59 AM

Matthew, wow, I didn't know the Behr paint covered so poorly. Usually an average sized 10 X 12 ceiling takes less than a gallon of SW's Classic 99 ceiling paint! That would be so discouraging to have to use up to 3-4 gallons for a Behr paint for me.:mad:

Scuba_Dave 01-01-2011 10:28 AM

Is this guy a painter...or just a contractor
I do not see many painters on here that will use Behr
I also have not heard of any pro painters that will mix different brands of paint
I have myself, but usually use the mix in a closet or some other area that is not seen or critical (basement/shed etc)
I have used Behr in the past
It in most cases covers poorly, which required more paint
I will no longer buy Behr
Behr offered to give me some of their new paint to try
I just had to document what paint I had used on what projects & the problems I ran into
To me it wasn't worth it to possibly ruin another painting project

Textured walls/ceiling will usually soak up a lot more paint too

Faron79 01-01-2011 10:53 AM

Many "GC's", if that's his designation, don't have much knowledge as to the details of PROPER painting and priming. It's AMAZING what varieties of "low-end" paint they think is "Good" paint!!
Many GC's wouldn't know a quality prime/paintjob if it bit-'em in the ###.

Assuming new, lighlty textured WALLS...
* Primers won't get you much beyond a rate of ~ 300sf/gal. This is assuming it's ROLLED on, NOT sprayed.
* If the "primer" is sprayed up WITH the texture, many GC's consider it primed. I wouldn't...the wall is still VERY porous.
* HOPEFULLY, it's at least spray-primed SEPARATELY AFTER the texture is sprayed up.

On an average PROPERLY primed wall...
* PAINT that's rolled on will get a max of 400sf/gal.
* So, just divide your total wall area by 400, and that'll tell you how many gallons of actual paint are needed...give or take a couple!
* If you're doing TWO finish coats, just double this result.

* Figure ~ 300sf/gal.
* You'll need 2 coats up there ideally!

How/why are you tied into Behr paint??
Is there a "paint allowance" built into any costs?

We used to sell a Behr paint 5 yrs ago (we're an independant...NOT a HD!), when Behr had a paint line for independants. We're an ACE, Ralph-Lauren, & C2 (a high-end line) retailer.
If ya haven't, at least check out an ACE-Royal retailer. We go thru LOTS of it...~ WELL over a thousand or so gal's/yr....and we're not a "contractor" store.


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