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Need Advice on Paint and Technique

We have been reading many posts on this site for a couple of months now, and have tried to apply the advice of the resident experts!
So we're assuming the problem is mostly us!
We have recently moved into a 6 bdrm, 5 bath, 5000+ sq ft home - (it was a great REO deal!) The bones are super, BUT there are a few projects ! We want to do it once and do it right! (This is the 3rd home we've redone.)
That brings me to the painting - following the advice here, we decided to go with top of the line products - BM & Muralo - but so far, we've invested over $500, and are completely frustrated!
First room, we used BM Muresco for the ceiling (new sheetrock primed) and it took 3 coats to cover! 3 coats! And my husband was not impressed with how it applied.
Next the walls - a little over 400 sq ft (room is mostly windows) - used BM Regal Select Eggshell - bought 2 gal - RAN OUT - took 3 coats - stuff was like to trying to work with glue! Had to add Floetrol just to cut in - it was drying in less than 2 minutes! (Love the finished feel, but not sure it's worth the frustration.)
Every inch of this house will need to be painted?!? I may try BEN (same as old Regal?)
Now we're trying to figure out what to do for the trim. Hundreds of feet of trim - 3 1/2" casing, 5" base w/shoe - LOTS of windows and doors. We bought a gallon of Mural Ultra SG - I wanted to get a quart to try - don't know WHY I let them talk me into a full gallon! Dealer said "you will definitely want the SG, not satin".
First coat (after prep) went well -able to brush on & tip off rapidly and control drips - looked good - nice sheen. Waited 5 hours between coats (just like the can said) 70 degrees, LOW humidity for drying. 2nd coat was horrible! It seemed like it softed the first coat and then I couldn't brush it no matter how fast I went and I could NOT control the drips! In addition, it is now ALOT more gloss - looks to much like plastic! How much difference in durablity is there really between the SG and satin?
(We're using quality roll covers & brushes from the BM dealer.)
(Going forward, we will be doing a combination of brushing and/or spraying - hopefully with the Muralo.) Maybe we should switch to all SW?
I know I will have more questions, but I appreciate any advice and help I can get!


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James, sounds like you are doing lots of things right, i.e., proper technique, good, high quality paint, etc. The #1 mistake I see beginners make is that they don't load up their roller with enough paint. I always tell a noob to saturate that roller sleeve with plenty of paint. Once it is saturated, roll back into the paint tray and load up with even more paint.......almost to the point that it is dripping from the sleeve. Of course in your case it sounds like you used plenty of paint. Always let the roller do the work.......don't push......gentle pressure is about all you need. Ceilings are tricky. You absolutely have to can't slow down or stop once you start a ceiling. All the warm air is up there and creates a "quick dry" environment making it tough to get good coverage.

I have been a Sherwin-Williams painter for 35 years.....I almost exclusively use their SuperPaint Satin, especially for walls. I'm not gonna say it's the paint for you, in fact, it might not be, but, at this point, it might be worth a look-see.

In closing, I must again say it sounds like you did everything the right way. It may just be a factor of getting used to the nuances of the paint you are using. Hopefully, someone else (besides an SW guy) will chime in.


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are you painting directly on new drywall??
That would explain the need for so much paint. Even going over original builders paint the walls can still absorb a lot.
Ive had bedrooms take anywhere from half a gallon to 2 gallons depending on the porosity of walls.

Sounds like you might want a satin for the trim. Yes it will be durable enough in a top-line enamel paint.
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I don't know what to say. I use all those paints, and think they work great.
It is not at all unusual for me to add a splash of water to a paint to loosen it up and get it to flow better. I do add to Muresco for sure- makes it spatter but lays out nice.
As was asked- is this to new or previously painted? A coat of primer often makes a top coat flow like butter.
Muralo satin or semi gloss IMO are about the nicest handling waterborne enamels out there.
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