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blazinskunk 08-22-2011 03:25 PM

My wood siding stain nightmare!
Hello all,

At the end of May, I contracted a local painter to restain my exterior wood siding (rough sawn pine, i believe). After a day of staining I told him it looked way too shiny/glossy and it's not what I wanted at all. He told me everything would be fine after the stain cured for a day or 2.

Well, I waited. In the mean time, the painter finished 2 more sides of the house. When I went out to check on the first wall he stained I was not pleased. It looked terrible! Shinry, glossy, and, well, terrible! My wife says it looks like someone rubbed the house with a giant stick of butter.

At this point I only payed him $500 (out of $3000). Long story short, it took him 3 months to come back to try and fix it (only after I threatened to sue him).

He came back today to try to remedy the problem. He used paint thinner to remove the excess stain build-up that was sitting on the surface, causing the glossy/shiney look. It actually looked pretty good until he applied ANOTHER coat of stain on top. Now it looks like it did before he used the thinner, except there are these small bubbles present. He just finished the one side about 2 hours ago.

My question is: Can he use JUST the thinner to remove the gloss? If so, will the wood be protected? My understanding is that the stain penetrates the wood and anything left on top of the wood's surface is unnessesary.


additional details:
sprayed on then back-brushed in.
prepped by power washing
he is using Shewin Williams stain

housepaintingny 08-22-2011 06:53 PM

Some stains do come in a sheen, matte, satin, gloss. Depends on the brand, type and if its film forming. That should have all been outlined in your contract. As for using paint thinner, I don't know, because I have never wiped stain off of someones house. Most penetrating stains are only a one coat application, unless its wet on wet. Some of the film forming stains are 2 coat applications. If the stain is reomended by the manufacture to only apply one coat, then applying a second coat is what's called over applicating and can lead to failure. What brand and type of stain was speced in the contract?

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