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My Review: Valspar vs Behr vs Olympic vs ColorPlace

Originally Posted by ccarlisle
puck101, you are - by your own admission - what some might call an advanced DIYer when it comes to painting in that you paint more than occasionally, and are of the opinion that pretty well any paint will do the job.

This is not a knock. I'm just saying that that is the perspective you personally have on it. Now we don't know if you're colour-blind or paint by numbers, we don't know if you have taste or not, have practical experience or not, have flair or not - or any other attribute - and we don't really care. You are one person with an opinion. And your opinion is fine...

So why knock the pro painters here who paint for a living, who have tons of experience in handling different paints in different situations, and who all seem to have come to the same conclusion about Behr/Valpar/Glidden (you name it) paints? Do you have any idea of the number of professional opinions that we have seen here over the past few years on this subject? What do you think they've formed an anti-Behr union and all have their daggers out for it?

No. Each one of these guys have made comparative trials using a number of brands and have come up with a list of paints that they prefer to use day-in and day-out. S-W and B-M are somewhere near the top, Behr is towards the bottom. By trial-and-error over a number of substrates in a number of conditions, they eventually gravitate to the paints that serve them the best, over time, day -in and day-out..

That doesn't mean these lower priced products won't do a good job in a given situation for the average once-a-decade DIY painter - because he doesn't have the discerning objective these pros have - and that's the marketing aim of Home Depot etc. Not the pros.

So it comes down to optics; seen from a DIY perspective, Behr meets that standard. However from a knowledgeable perspective, it doesn't. Just depends on your viewpoint and where you are on the ladder.
Well stated!

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My Review: Valspar vs Behr vs Olympic vs ColorPlace

Originally Posted by chrisn View Post
The HO, NEVER buys the paint I am going to use
When i paint as well, I NEVER let the homeowner buy the paint. I only use the best. But since I also am a paint sales man, I can understand when a HO comes into the paint store, upset because the painter is using crappy box store paint or low quality paint. SO in THAT situation, I can understand the HO wanting to buy Ben Moore from a paint store and having his painter use it. But basically, a HO needs to cover this BEFORE the job is started and ask the painter WHAT kind of paint he is using, and research it BEFORE he hires him.
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My Review: Valspar vs Behr vs Olympic vs ColorPlace

I thought this thread was dead... Unfortunately its' not, and I'm still getting quoted on it (and usually misinterpreted), so I feel like I need to clarify my points.
Most of my experience is doing remodeling, which included painting, Currently, I'm only doing small jobs, some of which are only painting. So I am not an advanced DIY'er.
I tried Behr on my own house about 5 years to test it out and to learn about it. I had some gallons/colors go up great. I had some give me a lot of trouble trying to get coverage. I was able to make it all look good in the end, but most of the paint faded away and thinned out over the past 5 years.
CONCLUSION: It's a cheap paint and is very inconsistent. If a house-flipper or DIY'er uses Behr, and likes it, I see no reason to try to convince them to use something else. If it works for them, great, I just don't hate Behr enough to get involved; this by no stretch of the imagination means that I encourage people to use it. I most definitely do not recommend to any painting contractors using Ben Moore, SW, etc., to change over to Behr. I use Ben Moore as my regular brand. I have had HO provide me with paint. I don't do this as a rule. I prefer to buy the paint myself. But I have had people call me who have started painting and realized they suck at it, they hate it, or they just don't have tim to finish it, and I don't automatically turn them down for providing the paint, I just tell them I cannot guarantee their products. This usually involves Behr and SW. I think Behr is definitely a step down in quality, consistency, and price, but i ca put it p if need be. The stuff from SW I find to be very good, but each of their versions performs a little differently than the similar level product from Ben Moore. So I'm not concerned about putting up SW like I am with Behr, but it is still different, and is not my regular stuff, so I still don't guarantee the product

Hopefully this clarifies my opinion so I can stop being quoted and/or misinterpreted. I am not pro-Behr, but I am also not anti-Behr like some others; I don't like it, but I don't necessarily "dislike" it. In fact, the one thing I learned by trying it on my house was that I won't be buying any more of it...

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