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Ranger1227 04-24-2014 01:55 PM

To mud or not to mud?
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We have been in our house for 17 years. We had the whole house painted in and out. When they did the garage, which was already painted, they did not mud over the tape. Neither did the original painter. So, now I am going to paint the garage this summer and was wondering if it was worth it to mud and and smooth out all of the tape lines.


Gymschu 04-24-2014 04:25 PM

It depends. If you're like me, those unfinished joints would bother me. If you're planning on repainting, now is the time to finish those joints. In the end, you will be happy that you did so.

The other end of the spectrum is saying, well, they never finished the joints in the first place, and, it's just a garage, so does it really matter?

My vote is to do it up right and finish those joints.

ToolSeeker 04-25-2014 06:14 AM

Totally agree with finishing them. Plus will give you a little practice with your drywall skills that may come in handy later.

jeffnc 04-25-2014 07:19 AM

Normally drywall needs to be taped to meet building code. Not only does it help stop fire/smoke from getting past, but it also stops potentially deadly exhaust gases from cars in the garage from getting into your home.

Ranger1227 04-25-2014 08:46 AM

Thanks for the replies. The garage is taped, it was just never mudded over completely. I do have one question, though. Where the tape has loosened from the drywall, will mudding help it adhere, or do I need to re-tape? I have never done extensive dry wall repair.


ToHellWithUGA 04-25-2014 09:26 AM

You won't be able to fix it by just mudding over the top of it. You may be able to put some mud behind it and get it to stay. But, more than likely, you will need to cut out any loose pieces, and either just fill with mud, or use (gasp) mesh tape for a small repair. Depending on the size, the whole tape might come off (as long as it doesn't damage the sheetrock itself), then you could just re-tape and mud the right way.

MTN REMODEL LLC 04-25-2014 09:31 AM

It's called fire tape....level one of tapeing quality... done just to meet code.... quite common in garages.

Personally, I think its stupid not to just finish it off a little further at least... but that is personal taste only.

If you decide to finish it off further, I'd say rip off any tape not well mudded to the rock.....

I've seen some guys try to remud under loose tape.... which I think is just a waste of time.

Maybe there are some tricks to remudding loose tape... I'm a GC ... not a drywaller

Good luck...

ddawg16 04-25-2014 09:57 AM

Being the garage guy I am (see the link in my signature).....

I agree with the above.....mud it and do it right.....

But....before you do is a good time to decide if you want those extra outlets and lights. By now you have figured out that you don't have outlets where you need's not a big deal to cut a 6" wide section down the side of the garage...put in more wire and outlets...pop the pieces back and and tape and mud. want those outlets about 50+ from the floor...that way you can lean a 4x8 sheet of something against the wall and it won't block the outlet.

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