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LilTuffGirl 12-26-2011 01:06 AM

Mobile Home walls - with holes...
I've been reading like crazy about the prepping you have to do before painting the walls. Not to mention the guy i'm buying the place from stated his wife tried just painting the kitchen but it all just pealed off lol

The living room is painted a really dark green and it's all scratched up plus it has many holes from them hanging items (including a lot of dead critters....)

ALSO they have two cable hook up panels kind of over lapping each other which looks like crap. I want to remove one and i'm pretty sure that's going to be a good sized hole...

what to use to patch the "big" hole?
What to use for the little holes?
Will using a small sander on the walls be ok? (that's a lot to hand sand...)

I already know to clean the walls after light sanding.. and to use a good primer followed by good paint! Also planning to calk the strips with paintable flexible calk.

jsheridan 12-26-2011 04:17 AM

Hi Tuff Girl, usually the walls in mobile homes are covered with vinyl paper, which most conventional paints will not bond to longterm. You need to use a bonding primer. Zinsser makes a couple which you can get at Home Depot. As to the sanding, a light scuff sanding should only take a half hour at most in an average size room. The primer will do most of the work. The small picture holes can be filled with joint compound. The larger one you can cover with a blowout patch, which you can also get at HD. They come in 4x4, 6x6, 8x8, and are little aluminum squares with adhesive gauze covering, You attach it to the wall and spackle over it. Use a good quality siliconized paintable caulk. Good Luck and check back with questions.

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