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Mixing acrylic paint with water-based paint

I've tried looking for this answer anywhere, and sadly can't find it. I learned that acrylic is water-based, but does that mean it can be mixed with a normal, interior, matte water-based paint? I have an orange that came out a little too "orange cream" for me, and I'd like to give it a yellow tinge with a container of yellow acrylic I have.

One other point, which might not be so important: the acrylic is semi-gloss.


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Hi Emily, welcome. I would strongly suggest against mixing what you're suggesting. Differing paints have different chemistry, and you could end up with junk. I would suggest taking the paint back to the store and ask them if they can tweak it to a more acceptable color. They may be able. If not, buy a new one. I wouldn't take the chance, as you may end with much higher costs than that of a new gallon.


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Good advice, Joe.....not to mention that you would be investing lots of time tweaking the color to the shade you want. Pour some yellow in.....not enough....mix.....pour some more in...not enough.....well, you get the picture.
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jsheridan (11-07-2011)
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Yes Gymschu, and it takes a lot of paint to move the original color. And who's to say that yellow is the color you need to achieve an acceptable color change. It may require another tint color that will neutralize some of the already added tint. The reasons against it are many. Good point on the waste of time though, labor is always your highest cost.
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What both of these pros are saying is true.

I guess the only thing I'd add is a question: What are you wanting to use this paint for? If you're just using it for the inside of a shed, or some small room that doesn't matter, mix & match paint is no big deal. But if it's for a room that you care about, don't mess with it. Go back and get the right color. It'll cost you $30 for the new gallon of paint, but in the long run it will be money well spent.
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Of course you can mix them, but it might not look very good. You're mixing flat with semi-gloss, so the result will be neither. But there is no law stopping you from experimenting with mixing 4 tablespoons of one with 1 tablespoon of another (or whatever), testing that on a scrap piece of wood, and if you like it going with it with the full cans. However, you'll never be able to copy that paint again if you need to repaint later. You can save what you have left of course. Best to go with a color and sheen that you can count on now and in the future from a reputable paint brand.


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