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looking to hire a painter, need advice

I have the opportunity to add a paint crew and I am wondering what particular to look for in a GOOD painter. I am willing to pay top wage but I want to make sure that I am asking the right questions to find the BEST painters to hire in my area. I live in a smaller town and pickins are slim i'm sure, so I need advice on particulars to look for only the best painters will know. Thanks


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You can ask to see past work by the painter and get references from past jobs
that he did.
house painting


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Ask him to spell "p-u-r-d-y" lol

This has always been my dilemma. I have subbed to 'professional' painters, carpenters, and other tradesmen. One thing I have learned is that, while they may or may not know their stuff, attitude is KEY! To you and your customer.

I once thought I could paint half decent until I hired someone to help. Well, it turned out I didn't know myazz from a hole in the ground. He took the time to show me how to cut in (yes, it is a talent) properly. Some others would just shake their heads and make me the shop-talk gossip.

It took a while to find this guy but it was worth the wait.

Like everything else, I suppose its trial and error.
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Ask them if they have any court dates

I am a Union Painter of 25 years I personally make it a point to go to work

early to arrive at site to set my day.
good additude ,well groomed , neat and clean , allow every brush strok to count, pride in my work and work area. I also don't like to see a painter use there paint clothes as a paint rag. I always get asked why do painters where white...It's easy It's to see how much they really get on the wall.
A drop cloth isen't to catch paint, It's to protect what is under so wipe the drips as you go and don't track.
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don't just ask for references, CHECK them. go visit a job that is in progess, talk to their employees. ask for references from a year ago or longer. ask the customers from a year ago if they use them again today.

If they are " in business" go down to the county courthouse and find out how long they have been in business, under the same name!! It's too easy to run a bad business, make a lot of customers angry, and simply start a new company under a new name ( kinda like a fresh coat of paint!!) Are their trucks/vans permanently stenciled, or is it just one of those magnetic signs? Call local rental houses that rent scaffolding and such and do a credit check on them. how they pay their bills tells a lot about how they run their business in general. you'd be amazed at what you can find out about a contractor just by calling the accounts recievable people at independant rental yards

one of the biggest tip offs for me is their insurance. Good contractors who plan to be in business carry and maintain adequate insurance. if you find someone you like and his insurance isn't up to date, move on to someone else
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