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diy Geezer 03-13-2006 09:48 AM

Lime Wash exterior finish
I'm thinking of applying a Lime Wash finish over stucco on my 70+ year old Spanish style house. Anyone have knowledge or experience with Lime Wash? All comments appreciated.

Dale 04-11-2006 04:07 PM

Hi diy geezer

Some times called “whiting”, “lime wash”, “colourwash” or “distemper”,
whereas, the old paint making tradition of “glue paints”, the methods decorators of old times used for mixing “size” or “glue” with “fine calcium”, (chalk) and water to create soft, matt but delicate surface finishes started to become obsolete after the second world war, up until the 1960s and was greatly used on housing estates built around that period of time.

This is the research that I came up with to find out more about the flaky interior surfaces that were in many homes that I had to cure before texturing the ceilings here in the UK!

As you can see this method of painting is waterbased so that it is no good for exterior use, but in saying this there may have been another method whereas the paint was oilbased for exterior use, but as yet I have'nt come across any information but I will look tomorrow and get back to you if I find any


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