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m1951mm 08-11-2011 04:52 PM

Lambskin vs. Synthetic roller covers
I swear by lambskin rollers!!!! The lanolin in them sheds the paint so easy that a few rinses with water, spinning between, they are good as new. I ALWAYS use lambskin. I do not have the problem of lint coming off of the roller. I do not get the spray off the roller that covers you with little paint freckles and if by chance you roll a dip into the paint to much you can plump up the fibers with a light backwards roll before loading again. For smooth applications I use a 1/2 lambskin, but for most others I use a 3/4. Since they clean out so nicely I cant remember when I last bought a cover.

Many of my covers have their own carriage. Once cleaning them, letting them hang to dry, and not removing them from the frame there is now a seal from the paint inside the cover that did not get rinsed out totally and it dried which created a seal so paint does not seep into the center of the roller. If and when the cover ever gives out I know I have to get a new carriage also, it is impossible to get the cover off the carriage without damage to it. I hate the drips that come from the carriage (paint that gets traped within), not fun to chase them.

I am going to do a cut and paste of this post as a new thread. I would like more input from the message board as far as using lambskin vs. synthetic covers.

Brushjockey 08-11-2011 05:04 PM

I was just going to put something in the other thread about that!

I don't like the texture that woolies leave. But I think we need to ask first- are you from the part of the world that has textured walls or smooth?
I think they would rock on light texture. But on smooth I try to leave as tight and unnoticeable stipple as I can.
So synths are my choice, and after flirting with many of the new covers have gone back to 1/2 "superFabs as my basic tool.
Also what is the wall paint that you use the most? That makes a difference in choice.
I am mostly BM and in matte finish, followed by egg in Regal and Aura .

chrisn 08-12-2011 04:23 AM

I use

jsheridan 08-12-2011 08:52 AM

Lambswool holds a lot of material, so they're nice for larger surfaces where an 18 is impractical or you don't have one. I'm with Brush on the texture of them, I like the tighter pattern of the synths as well.

m1951mm 08-12-2011 03:34 PM

I like the Wooster 50/50 but no one around here carries them:(. I can get a fairly smooth finish with my 1/2 lambskin. So far I have never had any complaints to the texture that has come from the rollers I use. As long as everything is consistent all is well in my book. Another thing I like about the lambskin is it does not shed as a syn roller cover will do and if it does it is BIG and it is real easy to pick off. I usually have more paint on my hands then on the walls. Also I do not get the spray, the little driplets, everywhere.

Where I was raised and what I got use to as a kid was a slight texture from paint, not texturing per se, so maybe that is part of my feeling about things not being totally glass smooth.

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