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Originally Posted by aurora49 View Post
I've already used the Behr paint, you are not going to change my mind.

Ok. It is your house. I would not allow it in mine or those of any of my clients.
PLEASE, let it go.


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Sooo, back on topic. To the original poster - add some pictures so we can visualize and offer suggestions.
I did a podcast with some painting tips, comments and criticisms are welcome there and anyone interested can hear me discuss my personal experience with Beher paint but ya gota listen.

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If you paint the trim a contrasting color from the walls, it will draw your attention to it. Same color as walls it will blend in more. Either can be applied successfully: it's an aesthetic decision.

If the trim is only paintable some options are:

-bring a sample of the old molding and have a paint store custom match an enamel trim paint (like Ben Moore Impervo Waterbase) to the wood color. This solution will try to unify the color scheme at the expense of the texture and richness of the wood tone (assuming the wood is rich...some wood gets so much varnish it appears opaque).

-Another solution would allow the new trim to relatively 'disappear' by painting it the same color (and even perhaps the same sheen) as the walls.

-A third option is to paint the trim a contrasting or complementary color that adds to the impact of the room, without trying to disguise the can be a subtle or a bold statement, depending on your aesthetics.

-More involved in skill, time, and experience, is to paint a faux wood finish on the trim to give it the appearance of wood, matching it to the old wood. This is definitely more of a 'project'.

-Still another solution is paint ALL the trim, including the old wood - this unifies the entire home by sacrificing the old wood.

-Finally, another option is to replace the new trim with real wood trim and either just give it a clear varnish, or stain it to as closely match the older wood as possible.

Without pics, the best bet is to cruise some web pages and look at pics of different finish treatments to trim and/or use the simulation software also available at various paint manufacture's websites. Ultimately. you really are asking a designer's question: not so much a 'how to do it' question but rather a 'what looks best' question seeking aesthetic opinions. Do not be surprised to hear strong opinions on what looks are in aesthetics territory. And relax, it is all about personal taste and opinion. Even with a consensus, there is no right or wrong. Each solution has its pros and will be living with the result so survey your options and select a compromise that suits you.

FYI: I live in an apartment, do not own. I wanted to paint myself, as the workers are sloppy. During renovations the owner left me 5 gallons of Behr primer. It was not easy to apply. I learned my lesson and went and bought my own premium primer and I also turned down the free Behr paint (and I am not rich) then bought Benjamin Moore paints which met my needs. If you are happy with Behr more power to you: what is important is to find a product you have confidence in and with which you can achieve the results you desire.


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