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RMA1234 05-31-2010 09:39 PM

Kitchen cabinet project - long post - sorry!
Hi there. I am slightly challenged when it comes to DIY projects; I apologize in advance!

I have oak, raised panel cabinets in my kitchen, and I hate them. I am not a fan of the grain of oak. I have done a bit of research (slightly OCD! :)) and have found enough support to suggest that Fine Paints of Europe would yield the best results.

The directions/steps are somewhat contradictory, though. So, as I understand it, I have to:
1. remove the doors/drawers
2. clean with a solution of warm water and mild detergent
3. Either lightly sand with 220 or use liquid stain remover
4. wash & dry cabinets again
5. Because I want to hide the grain, apply a coat of the FPE brushable putty with a regular brush
6. Once dry, sand lightly with 220 to achieve smooth finish
7. If necessary, repeat #6.

This is where I get confused. I have read that at this point, I can now apply the FPE Eco paint. I have also read, though, that I still need to use a primer over the brushable putty, then apply the paint. Sand between coats of paint, applying two coats.

So, I am not sure if I need a primer over the brushable putty or not. Also not sure if I am going to be sanding more than I need to!

Paint the doors while flat and then prop up so they dry vertically? Use a sprayer or rollers or brushes? I have never painted anything before, as I am sure is obvious! Any advice for a newbie is appreciated! Thanks in advance! :)

chrisn 06-01-2010 03:46 AM

If you have NEVER painted anything before I would highly recommend you either hire a painter or get some help from someone with experience. You are already spending a whole pile of $ on FPE ( totally unnecessary IMO).Kitchen cabinets are some of the hardest things to paint properly.Get some help:yes:, you are not going to get enough information here to do the job correctly.There are things you can do with info received over the internet, painting kitchen cabinets properly for the first time painting would not be one of them:no:

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