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phillips87 03-19-2006 05:46 PM

Interior stucco
Can anyone tell me what product you use for the interior stucco look? We have several restaurants that have that look and I really like it.
I have done the venetian plaster look several times but this look has a totally different look to it. The paint that is on it almost looks like a stain or something.
I don't know if anyone will know what I am talking about but I would love some info if anyone does!

housedocs 03-20-2006 11:13 AM

I've seen the look you're talking about I think in a local mexican restaurant, I believe this one was done with driv-it, although could have also been done with drywall mud or plaster and a trowel.

phillips87 03-20-2006 08:24 PM

Driv-it? I guess that would be available @ a homestore like Lowes or Home Depot? I will look it up. Thanks!

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