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inspiration100 08-08-2010 03:03 PM

How to match paint colors to photoshop?
I am no professional painter...

I've painted my 3,000 sq. foot home and I have used photoshop to decide my trim colors. The only problem is Sherwin Williams will not take RGB colors to match (which shocks my pants off since that is what they use on their site So my first question is how do I go from photoshop to getting that exact paint color? What colors do paint stores need?

Thanks for helping a noob, it is greatly appreciated

housepaintingny 08-08-2010 03:42 PM

You can use the SW color visualizer, download the SW color snap to a smart phone, or bring SW a sample of the color you want to match. With the color snap application you can take a picturer of something or use an existing picture in order to get a color mixed up.

Windows 08-08-2010 04:44 PM

Paint colors seen on websites or even fandecks will not be exact matches with the actual paint because the means by which the colors are created are all different. An RGB formula isn't an actual color - just a set of instructions that will display differently depending on the monitor type and settings.

Faron79 08-08-2010 07:46 PM

2 COMPLETELY different things...
Sorry dude...

RGB: the method for old-school TUBES Electronic Television color-forming.

The paint colors are made from LIQUID paints and colorants.
>>> The systems AREN'T EVEN REMOTELY related.

Paint colors on a computer screen aren't gonna reflect light the same way actual paint does in situ.

Besides, one paint color applied in 6 different homes will look like 6 different colors. Our perception of color is largely dependant on its environment...meaning - your particular lighting, flooring, furniture, other wall-coverings, etc.........


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