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proudhomeowner 04-03-2012 05:18 AM

How to clean/Stain New Redwood Fence
I have a new redwood fence (feb 2012) and a new redwood deck (1week). Im definitely going to seal my fence this week but my question is 1. How do i clean it? Do I have to buy some special cleaner or can i just hose it down with water? I do NOT want to use the cleaner that turns the wood black and then you have to use another product to brighten it up. If i cant use just water i prefer something natural and not have to do several steps/washes (its a lot of fence) 2. which last longer semi transparent or transparent. I like the color of my fence already but i want which ever last longer.

My redwood deck is only 1week old. Im getting different stories as to how long i should wait to seal it. Do i wait a few more weeks or is it ok to do now when i do my fence this week? Also want to know how do i clean my desk also can i just use pressure water hose?

Please help I am green to all this and i keep getting different stories.

Gymschu 04-03-2012 08:06 AM

Unless there's something I don't know about redwood, you don't have to do any cleaning before staining it. Perhaps a very light sanding to remove any markings, etc, but that's all I can think that you have to do.

I will allow more experts to comment as I don't stain a lot of redwood.........mostly PT pine in these here parts.

user1007 04-03-2012 08:29 AM

Built many redwood decks and fences in the day.

Redwood and cedar will naturally age to a gray tone.

You can apply a nice quality stain now, and slow that. You want to use something semi-transparent if adding color. Do not even think about something like Thompson's which is but liquid wax.

If you are alright with the natural color, a mix 1:1 of lindseed oil (processed not raw) and mineral spirits will be cheap and as effective as anything. You should be able to buy it pre-mixed with UV protection.

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