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ohman 09-25-2012 03:19 AM

How to clean / paint(?) white oven?
Hi all, thanks for reading.
Our white color oven is getting some stain on the edges, see:
What's the best way to clean it? I have tried CLR but it didn't help much, anything else that I can try, or, is there a good white color high gloss paint that would stick on this type of surface? Thanks! :thumbsup:

JasperST 09-25-2012 08:01 AM

Of course there are good white paints out there. The factory job is probably a backed enamel finish, very durable so it can take a good cleaning. Either way you need to do more cleaning, I'd let it soak a bit with Simple Green and or oven cleaner. Likely it will get clean enough, maybe in need of small touch ups, which you can do with a brush. Redoing the whole edge would best be done with spraying. If you had to do it, you should remove the door and use a good white epoxy spray paint, if you don't have a compressor, guns, etc. Maybe practice a bit first. You can get good results with rattle cans with some finesse.

joecaption 09-25-2012 08:17 AM

You would need a high heat enamel paint, reguler spray paint will just turn brown once you use the oven.
I agree with the idea of cleaning it first. I use an orange based cleaner smells nice, organic and safe.
The outside of a stove will hold up to oven cleaner fine. (until you apply spray paint.
Mask off or better yet remove any plastic items like knobs or the hande. When clean with oven cleaner. Also lay something down like news paper to protect the floor.

user1007 09-26-2012 07:35 AM

Try Joe's approach first as far as cleaning. He is also right. You want to use a high heat enamel if you try to repaint. You can get it in rattle cans. For example but not to hype Rustoleum although it is a good brand.
Your auto parts store will have high heat engine paints and perhaps a better selection of sheens.

It will never be the same as what the factory put on though so also as Joe points out, do not count on being able to use things like oven cleaners again.

You will want to prep as you would any job.

I would be a bit concerned that you are experiencing this sort of discoloration concentrated on that one section. Do you have a fractured door seal that needs to be replaced? You should resolve that before refinishing.

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