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Originally Posted by jagans View Post
Perhaps you did not hear JoeC properly. This garage is dangerous. I see severe deflection in the roof, look at the fascia. The whole structure is leaning, There is no support, etc etc etc. Get a chain saw, a couple of sledge hammers, crow bars and ripper shovels. Tear it down and be done with it. Why waste money on paint?
I am sure the OP paid special attention to Joe C's suggestion but he has stated that while he certainly would like to tear it down and build a new one with vinyl siding, a new garage or just demolishing the old one is not in the cards. Among other things, he stated he needs someplace for basic tools until he can get to rebuilding the thing. He hopes it will stand up for two more years which is the timeframe needed to get on with what you suggest, sledge hammers and all.

The City must not have been overly concerned about its instant collapse or I bet they would have ordered him to demolish it and haul it away. One hopes so anyhow. Bringing more attention to it might prompt them to do so? Seems to me it is just best to comply with what they have asked. Gleefully and cheerfully of course.

As for wasting money on paint or stain? It was never his idea to paint or stain it. But some "concerned" neighbors put the City inspector on him and he has until Friday to get the flaking paint off and something covering it. He has zero options other than to pay the fines that will come if he does not. I suspect the fines will quickly add up to what he will end up paying for solid stain? And they will certainly bring additional inspections to check compliance and that added scrutiny I mentioned.


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I'd love to tear it down. In fact I plan to as soon as I possible can afford to.

Unfortunately there are a few things keeping me from doing so before Friday.

1) now that I have an inspector checking on me, I would need to obtain a demo permit.
2) there is electrical running from the house I'd need to deal with.

3) the garage, such as it is, still houses a bunch of stuff we need to relocate like the mower, ladders, garden stuff, stuff from the house that got pushed out when we had to get the baby home. So deleting the garage when I can't afford a new one means I have to buy a shed I wouldn't need after a garage... 1500 bucks?

4) the garage fills a gap that would need 30 feet of fence to fill, most of that fence would need posts dropped where concrete is. So no garage means fairly large fence cost or we can't let the dog out.

Those reasons may not seem good enough for you, but I'm simply looking for the lowest cost way to buy some time and avoid city fines until I can figure out how to replace it. There is a 150 year old cottonwood tree right up against it, so a new garage likely means dropping that tree before new concrete can be done. My plot is .11 acres and that tree has large branches over the neighbors.

Quote from a garage builder was 16000 to demo and replace with a 24x24, lowest end finishes, no electrical, not including dealing with the tree.

I'd think I'd like to figure something better out, but for now a sprayer I'll use later on the house siding and 150 bucks in paint seems like the best bet for this week.

Thanks for your help everyone, I'm off to scrape and rinse.
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Ok! Got a decent pass of carbide scraping and pressure wash rinsing done yesterday. Picked up 3 gallons of woodscapes this morning and got it done with the tradeworks 170.

Went pretty well I think, but I wish I has one more gallon. The longest part of spraying (other than cleanup) was fighting to keep the suction tube in paint as I ran low at the end.

I replaced a couple patches of siding replaced and foamed the cracks just to seal it up.

Thanks again everyone.
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Looks great. No peeling paint, no bare wood. Tragedy narrowly averted. If anyone complains now tell them to go F themselves.
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Just goes to show you what a coat of paint can do. Now you're good for another 100K Miles! Just don't take your stuff out, its probably holding up the garage!


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