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djm21 09-27-2010 01:27 AM

Hi I am wondering what brand of paint is a good paint
Hi I am trying to decide on what brand of paint for exterior paint would be good of the brands I have locally here is a good brand of paint to go with. I can get Sherwin-Williams, Valspar, Olympic, pittsburg paint, Benjamin Moore paint, dutch boy

I use to paint with Colony paint but that was sometime ago and I can not find there brand any more so now I am stuck with finding what brand I want to use now

Thank You

racebum 09-27-2010 02:05 AM

any of the above, unsure about dutch but have used the rest, all fine. you totally missed the 40% off SW sale this weekend though. that would have been prime time.

my crystal ball says the other members will weigh on SW or BM

moopey 09-27-2010 12:06 PM

my suggestion...don't buy paint from a bog box store. such as Behr or Valspar. It's all crap. Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams is great paint and worth the extra $10-$15 a gallon.

My father owned and operated a painting business for some time. Benjamin Moore Regal paint is what we 90% of the time.

I recently purchased a house in the last year and had to repaint every room. I needed to buy paint ceiling paint one sunday and since BM is only available at certain stores, none of which near me are open on sundays, i decided to get behr ceiling paint.

big mistake. all the ceilings were previously painted with a light tan color. After 3 coats of the behr ceiling paint, I could still see the tan under the white. Monday came and I bought benjamin moore ceiling paint. I fixed the first ceiling with 1 coat. and the rest of the ceilings only required 2.

If you spend thousands of dollars on a remodel, why be cheap with your paint. If you want a professional result, use what they use. You'll never see a professional painting crew using behr or valspar. NEVER.

also, buy a quality brush like Purdy. Yeah it's a $10-$15 paint brush and may sound ridiculous. You'll see better results and if you clean it regularly and correctly, it'll last years.

racebum 09-27-2010 04:17 PM


Originally Posted by moopey (Post 507849)
. You'll never see a professional painting crew using behr or valspar. NEVER.

come on now, that's kind of a hidden truth. the reason you don't see a painting crew using something like valspar isn't because it's always bad, it's because SW is willing to give discounts to the degree that it's not even worth considering. a good pro team that moves some volume will pay less for SW pro mar 200 than they will a gallon of valspar. in this case the pro mar 200 is a better product than standard valspar and you would have to spend 35 a gallon at lowes for the signature series just to get a similar level of paint to the pro mar which a big team will pay around 18 a gallon for or a small business about 23

i did laugh about your ceiling paint comment though, both valspar and behr have some of the worst ceiling paint the world has ever seen.

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