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sandymc 08-22-2011 04:05 PM

Hi I am sandymc--Paint prep??
HI I AM A GRAMMA. MY OLDEST DAUGHTER IS TRYING TO REPAIR AND PAINT THE INTERIOR WALLS OF THE OLDER HOME SHE JUST BOUGHT. she had many areas to be patched and and on one wall there was some spackled areas that had the sealer put on areas before they were sanded. The sealer that was put on was called kilz I believe so can this be sanded and repainted??/?

oh'mike 08-22-2011 04:20 PM

Hi Sandy--Welcome---I'm going to move this from 'Introductions' to 'Paint'

oh'mike 08-22-2011 04:25 PM

Sure you can sand that---after priming,however, the parch becomes very hard to sand.

Often it's easier to add a thin coat of drywall mud to cover the painted patch and then sand that.

Prime all patches before painting or the paint will soak into the patch and look funny.--Mike---

m1951mm 08-22-2011 04:59 PM

Glad to have you join us Sandy!!!!!! Mike is totally correct. Once a spackled area is primed it is much harder to sand smooth. The primer gets into the spackle making it hard, thus harder to sand. The proper steps are:

1. Spackle the problem area.
2. Sand the Spackle.
3. Clean off all the dust on and around the area.
4. Prime the new spackle.
5. Put on your final paint.

Kilz is a decent primer, but not the only one available. If that is what you have on hand it will do the job. The primer is an important step prior to painting the final coat. As I said earlier the primer comes in and hardens the spackle so it will not drink in the paint faster (leaving less on the surface) than on the surrounding areas.

With a new home, and CONGRATS to your daughter for her new residence, you will run into lots of questions. You could not have found a better place than this to get some good answers!!!! Come back again, Please!!
Follow the menu at the top of the page for the different categories of help that is offered here.

Again Welcome Sandy

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