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soxfan777 02-02-2011 01:46 PM

Help with Nursery Mural - First Post :)
Hi, all!

I'm planning a "Lion King" themed nursery for my Leo baby (if the baby is born REALLY early or very late, no biggie... I still like the gender neutral theme of Lion King!). But I want to put a mural on the wall and I was wondering if anyone has any "tips" on either:

1) The type of paint... I know that I can get the non-VOC pregnancy safe paint at Sherman Williams (where I plan on buying my paint) in big cans, but what about a "palatte" of paints for the mural? Where would I get that and how much would it run me? I don't want to buy a huge can of paint for every color I need! I know I could hire someone but I'd like to try the DIY method first... If anyone has a link to a set of paints that they recommend, I'd appreciate it...

2) Also, any general tips for doing a mural? I am fairly artsy but not a professional by any stretch. I might use the project it on a wall and trace with pencil method (I'm a teacher and I'm sure I can borrow a projector from work), but where would I get a pattern? I'm thinking about just painting the leaves on and then using "stickers" for the characters (IF I CAN FIND THEM???). I may also try to do the characters via the projection method, too.

I presume that I should paint the entire wall one color before I start? Whatever I want the background color to be? Or perhaps split in half one color for "sky" and one color for the "ground"? I'm thinking about keeping the detail high because it may go behind the wall where I'm putting the crib... Anyone who has any tips on any of this? I would appreciate it a lot. My DH isn't quite on board, but it's something I want to do. Thanks in advance for your help! :)

Ole34 02-02-2011 02:18 PM

WOW..........for a beginner your going for the ''LIONS'' share, no pun intended:wink:

most arts/crafts stores will carry paint or pre packaged deals on an entire set............most likely expensive though, maybe $5 a bottle (small bottle) not really sure so don't quote me all im saying is don't expect this to be a cheap project..........usually MURALS=MONEY thats why you dont see many of them

I would paint the entire wall with a base color then do the mural. use a latex in some type of sheen..........I wouldn't recommend FLAT find it easier to paint over a gloss as the paint will flow better and if you mess up youll have a better chance of wiping off the OPPS spot............and painters tape will perform better over gloss paint

also ..................arts/crafts stores will carry all the patterns you would need among other things......
Michael's Arts & Crafts around me has everything and im pretty sure theyre a national company

check for more info......tons of stuff on there

good luck to you and :thumbsup: for being agressive

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