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roadsidesix 10-11-2009 09:08 PM

problem with primer
i just got a house and the person there before painted the walls and never prime the ceilings.
i started to do the cut with zinsser water based primer and then when it dries it has cracks in it, when i used the roller i see it cracks but only in certain areas.
i scraped a small area and i used the kilz oil based paint and it seems to bond, i will have to check how it dries tomorrow, but seemed better than the other.
my cut and celings are all ready done with bullseye, so is there another way i can do this instead of having to scrape it all off?
and why would water base not stick and the oil does?
also why only certain spots does it crack?
any advice or suggestions will be gratefully appreciated. me and my dad wasted 2 days already on painting to have it crack and peel.

chrisn 10-12-2009 03:37 AM

Are you saying the ceilings have never been painted? Are they plaster or drywall?

roadsidesix 10-12-2009 08:31 AM

no, i should have known but the walls are painted and i started to paint glossy white on the ceilings. i did the bedroom and part of the living room. when i went to touch up the bedroom i seen a bubble so i used the razor to cut it out and then realized that the ceilings were never primed.
i dont know why someone would do the walls and not the ceilings.
so i had to peel all the paint from the ceiling and most of the walls.
i got bullseye primer and cut the room, when i went to use the roller to prime it looked ok, after a short time of drying i see the cracks all over but only certain spots. then i look in the other rooms that i used the bullseye and its the same. in one area i scraped off the cracking and used kilz primer oil based and it seems to adhear to the ceiling. i dont know why this is happening why would water based not work but oil does, well then again i have to check today to see how the area i touched up did before i claim it doesnt crack.
so now what will i have to do scrape all the bullseye off and use oil? is there some other way to fix this problem and does anyone know why this is happening. the walls have that textured spray i cant tell the material something cheap it seems.

ratherbefishin' 10-12-2009 11:00 AM

You didn't clean the ceilings properly before priming. The previous occupants probably were heavy smokers and/or liked to burn candles or oil lamps. You're trying to paint over an oily/waxy residue. Anything water based will just sit on top and not penetrate. Oil based will dissolve and incorporate some of the residue, though it still may develop problems later. It's not a substitute for cleaning.

Scrape off as much loose stuff as possible, then clean with Krud Kutter, diluted probably about 6/1. You can adjust the mix as necessary, but keep in mind that full strength will actually remove the latex. You just want to remove the loose stuff and the residue under it, and etch the rest to give your oil based good penetration. Then prime the whole thing with your Kilz Oil, or better yet, get some Zinsser Cover Stain Oil or BM Fresh Start Alkyd.

BTW, I've used hundreds of gallons of Bullseye 123 and that's the first failure I've ever seen or heard of......reminds me of an adage I first heard about 50 yrs ago: "Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance".:yes:

chrisn 10-12-2009 06:16 PM

You're trying to paint over an oily/waxy residue

Either that or old wall paper paste, either way, follow previous instructions and all should be fine.

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