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bokeh 05-03-2011 03:38 AM

Help me choose the right sprayer
I am returning to a project I started last summer. I finished about 2/3 on the interior part of the project. I worked at it for a couple months and learned quite a bit as I went.

My biggest problem was the speed of my progress, it went slow, very slow.

I am considering buying a sprayer in order to complete the project over the next 6 weeks.

Along with finishing a couple rooms of the interior, I am also going to be painting the exterior.

the home is approx 7000 sq/ft, single story.

For the interior I have to do the following:
-in the master bedroom: one bathroom & two closets (walls&ceilings)
-bedroom3: bedroom, closet & bath
-hall restroom
-repaint a ceiling in a large sitting room, that I painted previously, but the paint looks uneven.
the ceilings in the home are tall, 10-12 feet so I will need wand attachments for the sprayer to help with this.

-the front wall is stone only the tudor style points on the roof need painted
- the other 3 walls need painted these walls are rough stucco.
- two large 2 car garages, interior walls are rough stucco.
- **I also plan on applying an epoxy type garage floor, but not sure if a sprayer would handle that load.

this is a large home, and I've brushed & rolled what I've finished last fall. but that was very time consuming. these rooms have so many corners due to drop ceilings, crown molding, shelving in closets. that it would take forever to cut in the corners by brush, let alone apply a coat with the roller.

I know there will be a problem with overspray if I go with a sprayer, but I am willing to prep for that. I've already spent allot of time prepping when I was rolling/brush painting to prevent splatter from falling on wood trim, carpeting, marble, furniture, etc.. the little bit of extra time on top of that needed to seal off any openings for spraying will be worth it. I feel the time saved by spraying will pay for the cost of any sprayer.

I checked the rental rates in my area and I don't think it's cost effective for me to rent one, it would be $780/month or $75/day to rent an Airlessco Model: LP540. not counting other accessories I may want/need. I would rather buy one and at least have something for the money spent, and possibly for future use or even selling the unit.

I am considering buying/ordering a sprayer & accessories. I will need it to apply primer & paint on the interior as well as the exterior.

My first consideration was the Magnum X7 from H.D.

but now I am wondering if something like the Graco 395 ultra would be a better option for my needs.

any advice?

Thank You.

kennyb 05-03-2011 06:37 AM

Your best choice would be the Graco 395 or you might want to look at the Graco 390.A little less money and still quaility.If you're not stuck on Graco only, the best bang for buck would be the Titan Adavantage 400.The Graco 395 and Titan 440's and larger have a bunch of bells and whistles(fancy electronics)that don't help you paint any better,just cost more!Stay away from the big boxes(Lowes.Home Depots....)and go to a:thumbup: local paint store.Not SW!!!:no:

Ironlight 05-03-2011 06:39 AM

I'm, not a pro but I think the 395 is overkill for your needs, particularly since you are new to spraying. You'll be paying for flexibility, power, and durability that you don't need. It does not sound like you'll be spraying lighter finishes so you don't really need HVLP capability. While the house is large it's not like you're painting a 50k sq. ft. warehouse and need 1 gpm volume. And for the floor of the garage you probably want to use an epoxy paint and roll it on so you probably don't need the ability to spray heavier materials other than exterior latex.

The magnum models should be fine for what you want to do. They are easier to handle, are less complicated to operate, and will be easier to sell if you decide you don't want to hang on to it. You want to spend your time finishing your project, not learning to use a complicated piece of machinery that is designed for more than you need.

Would love to see pictures of your project. Sounds like an interesting undertaking.

ltd 05-03-2011 08:37 AM

imho the only thing i see a need for a sprayer for is for the e/x this house furnished.if it is i see a real nightmare.for interior walls you still have to back roll them as to give a nice soft stipple.when you factor in cost ,prep,chasing after runs,learning curve, id would stick with cut and roll. :wink:

bokeh 05-03-2011 10:15 AM

Thanks for the replys.

I've read many posts before putting the OP up. Most seem that the answer to my question is just to brush & roll. But I don't know how many of those other replys were from people who actually have used sprayers, or have just read others saying such and repeating their comments.

as far as the learning curve, I pick up on things like that pretty good. I could practice an even stroke technique, along with dialing in a sprayer in the garage if needed, since I will be painting them anyhow..

about the overspray indoors. this is one thing that I seem to see allot of negative posts on. But like I was saying, I don't know how many of them are repeated from non users or sprayers. I've already gone through a couple rolls of the 12x500 foot painters plastic just to prevent splashing while rolling the ceilings. I could just get an extra sleeve of blue painters tape to make sure all the joints on the plastic are sealed, closing myself in each room (with a mask) as I go.

as far as backrolling. that is something I almost need to experience first hand. I am thinking that the time the sprayer will save me on 'cutting the corners' will make up for any time lost on backrolling five fold.

One of the reasons I was thinking a bigger model like the 395 ultra, was while I was watching this video. I seen a chart about tip sizes, and it showed that for exterior coatings the tip sizes of 15-21 are recommended. the magnum prox9 goes to a max tip size of .019. If .019 is going to be good for the exterior then that may be the right choice for me. But that is the max that machine is capable of. The max tip size on the Graco Ultra 395 is .023
the chart is at 1:07

would I be able to run a primer such as Gliddens Gripper through a sprayer with or without Floetrol on the interior?

as far as the paint, for the interior I'm using Benjamin Moores Regal paint. I will probably go with BM on the exterior also, since I was impressed with BM's performance since switching from Bher premium plus half way through the project last fall.

as I think you can see, I am really trying to convince myself that a sprayer is the answer to my problems with this project.


user1007 05-03-2011 10:19 AM


Originally Posted by kennyb (Post 641134)
Stay away from the big boxes(Lowes.Home Depots....)and go to a:thumbup: local paint store.

7,000 sf feet of interior, with ceilings, walls and closets is a great application for spray equipment so long as everything can be the same paint. color and so forth. You are still going to have to do the trim by brush? And don't skimp on the time and material it takes to mask off for overspray.

Same for exterior.

bokeh 05-03-2011 10:46 AM


Originally Posted by sdsester (Post 641264)
7,000 sf feet of interior, with ceilings, walls and closets is a great application for spray equipment so long as everything can be the same paint. color and so forth. You are still going to have to do the trim by brush? And don't skimp on the time and material it takes to mask off for overspray.

Same for exterior.

for the most part its the same paint.

same color in every interior room, for now. but, I will be using semi-gloss in the baths, whereas I am using flat everywhere else.

on the interior, the trim is oak, I've been masking that off in the past with tape & plastic. thats one reason why I am not shying away from the prep time to seal everything off for sprayer use. I'm already about 3/4 of the way there just prepping for brush&roller.

as for the exterior, I haven't chosen a paint from BM yet. But it will be one color for the walls, and another darker color for the trim.

If I finish in enough time (6weeks) before I leave, I may darken the crown molding that is in a few areas. that crown molding takes a ling time to paint by brush. with tall ceilings, I am having to go up, down, move ladder every 5 feet or so. let alone making sure all the paint was getting into all of the detail on the molding.

bokeh 05-03-2011 11:32 AM

here are some pictures of the project:

yet to be painted exterior:

the front is mostly stone, but there are a few area that will need painted.

as far as the interior:

you can see the ceiling in this room. it was the first room I painted, no primer, two coats. I will be repainting this ceiling, and possibly putting a coat of primer on it also to hide some of the imperfections that were patched but still noticeable from an earthquake in the 90's

this is part of the hall/foyer that I finished last fall. the crown molding was a P.I.T.A. I am considering painting the crown a darker color possibly to somewhat match the oak trim and mostly to add a little seperation from the walls to ceiling.

heres the master bedroom I painted, still needs some finishing touches.

this bath was painted in flat. I need to re paint it with a semigloss:

thats all for the pics.

this painting project is the first time it has been painted since new in the 1980's. This same color throughout was chosen just to clean the place up and give it a fresh coat, the colors may change at a later date once we get a look at the place finished. all of the walls/ceiling are plaster, many of the walls had wallpaper, the hall/foyer was a padded material, and I painted that before I started using Glidden Gripper as a primer, the plaster was soaking up the first few coats of paint leaving it very uneven, much like the ceiling in the above photo. but, in the hallway I applied 4 coats, whereas in the above ceiling that needs repainted I only applied 2, but needed to clear that room out because visitors were coming over. believe me.. it still looks better than it did before.

bokeh 05-03-2011 01:06 PM

I found a local Paint Store selling the Graco 390 for $649.99 and the Ultra 395 stand for $899.99

kennyb 05-04-2011 06:21 AM

The right choice
You can't go wrong with either sprayer.You have a beautiful home and a big job to do.Good luck:thumbup:

STL B. 05-04-2011 09:03 AM

Sprayers are great for new construction or a empty home where you can lay drop cloths to protect the floor. Thats not the case at your place though, you'd have lots of masking inside and out. It's a toss-up I guess if it were me I'd just bite the bullet and start rolling. The last thing you want is to end up with overspray on the brick,collums,chimney,pergola,gutters or deck.

btw your home is beautiful congrats.

Ironlight 05-04-2011 12:08 PM

Why are you painting the stucco exterior? As soon as you do, you doom yourself to having to maintain a painted surface. Part of the beauty of stucco is that it is a relatively low maintenance exterior surface.

If it's simply because it's dirty, you could just power wash it instead.

housepaintingny 05-04-2011 12:11 PM

For a diyer a sprayer with 3000 psi and that pumps at least .30gpm is sufficient. I prefer a piston pump over a diafram, as the piston pump sprayes on the up and down stroke and they last longer. I wouldn't by a sprayer from a box store, as the internal parts are cheaper than what you would find in a sprayer from an actually dealer. You would aonly need to use a tip with an orifice bigger than .019 if you where going to spray block filler, elastromaerics, and thicker coatings. for spraying latex you can use an orifice of .014-.019 and be fine. You shouldn't need to thin any of the material. You will have a lot of masking off as you already know. Buy a 3m hand masker with the poly film blade and some poly film and paper to mask with. You will have to bacroll the paint after it is applied to the surfaces. Personally if it was me I would just roll and brush the interior and probably roll and brush a good portion of the exterior too. Sprayers have there place when it comes to painting, generally NC, exteriors, fences, etc.

Gymschu 05-04-2011 03:08 PM

That's gonna be a tough exterior to spray. You will be masking stone, roofing, trim........I'd say you would be better off brushing and rolling AND, you won't have to buy a sprayer.

Brushjockey 05-04-2011 09:08 PM

If you're "most the way there" masking for brush and roll, you need to look at what your doing for that. Drops are easy to move, and not nearly as labor intensive as masking for blow by from a sprayer. Remember, it also has pressure that can open up loosely draped poly.
(BTW- I've done lots of both, but VERY seldom spray in an occupied house)
Get a handimasker with 6" paper and tape, and you're 3/4 of the way home for B & R.

Most of what I see ( and great house BTW) looks ready made for B & R.

Consider priming that ceiling with 50/50 of ceiling paint and Gardz, might do a lot to even it out.

BM Regal ( or the new Regal Select) matte is a wonderful interior finish, IMO.

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