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Originally Posted by sdsester View Post
Think we ventured from your original post somewhat? You already had the common sense to not use Behrly paint?

You did list a great list of paint products. But with quite a price spread. And you mentioned cost was not a major factor in your decision.

Only one recommendation from me given the criteria, Benjamin Moore Aura. I had clients with gruesome, slimey, dirty kids that swear by the colorfastness and washability of even the flat sheen.

Of course I left them with two nice coats. I would not have had to go back until they tired of the color.

Now then, I think UltraSpec, EcoSpec or whatever the first high tier of contractor grade paint is in the Ben Moore line, and ProMar in Sherwin Williams is wonderful paint I would use in a heartbeat. It may not have the washability or colorfast properties they higher end paints will though. Using them puts you in the retail price range of Behrly paint though. And both are way better paint. They go on better just to start.

If painting ceilings a color, as you should, or other non-traffic areas I wouldn't hesitate to put on Ben Moore's or Sherwin Williams contractor product.

And as suggested, you could use the great savings to buy nice brushes. 2" or 1" is not a brush I used often when in the trade. Too small to hold much paint. 2-1/2" or 3" angled Purdy or Wooster brush? For oil or latex? Every single day.

I probably differ from others in that I wrap roller covers in plastic and stick them someplace cold between uses (I would never leave a brush in water or in solvent like I see some do). Or for $3/retail or whatever I just bought a new one. I cannot see wasting gallons fresh water we are all running out of or solvents to clean the things cheap as they are.

Let us know what you decide. And, I might mention that Ben Moore and Sherwin Williams should both be about to launch spring sales. Irrelevant to me since I did not buy paint retail but I think the offer a fairly decent discount of 40 percent soon? That will put the cost of nice contractor grade paint and even Aura within the price range of Behrly paint?

DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK YOUR REAL PAINT STORE OR DEALER FOR DISCOUNTS!!!! They know what they are up against. They will go out of their way to help bring you into the fold if you will just ask.

other than white?


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Originally Posted by chrisn View Post
other than white?
I tried never to paint a ceiling white. To me they look like boring box tops or something. Gorgeous color for walls and floors and there is the glaring, hideous white surface above you? The concept dates back to gaslight days when the only source of light in a room was the ugly sucker plunked in the middle of the ceiling. Or before that lit candles. It gave off only so many lumens before it tended to ignite homes on fire.

I have read about a novel invention called electricity that lights many bulbs at a time so the fixture does not have to be in the middle of the ceiling anymore. And even if you want to keep it there, you could paint the ceiling a color because you know longer need the reflected light.

And come on, when you really think about it how totally worthless is a ceiling light fixture plunked in the middle of the room. What real work task have you ever been able to accomplish under one? We enable the ugliness and bad placement with a white ceiling. I am about to paint my new place, myself if leg holds up, with a dark milk chocolate ceiling in a sheen the will make you want to taste it. Since this place is transitional for me I am going with rust colored track lighting and LED bulbs. I haven't decided if I want rust mesh globes or these amber artsy fartsy glass ones for fixtures.

No white ceiling. No gaslight fixture in the middle of the room. Light with 10 degree spots or wider halogen color corrected floods only where I want it and use it.

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I have to admit I just painted a ceiling green for a lady and I really thought it would be awful but it really came out pretty good. I have done the put a little of your wall color in your ceiling paint to tone it down a little and blend it in. But I think this is the first total color change I have done.


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