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crembrulee 05-08-2008 07:15 AM

Hello & Please Help?
Hi, I'm a newbie who came across this forum by accident.

I would like to stain my deck floor a dark stain, but do all the spindles white.

First, how do I prepare the deck for all of this work
Second, how do I paint the spindles white without getting paint on the deck floor...
and what kind of material shall I use for the I've heard, pressure treated lumber doesn't take paint well?

Please describe what to do, from start to finish, and what kind of stains to use?

I so would appreciate any help with this project. Please Help

Thanks so much

ting 05-12-2008 10:12 PM

DIYsaster waiting to happen
since you sound like you do not know what you are talking about at all, I'll keep it simple: if you want that particular look and you want to do it yourself, the best way to keep yourself from wasting a lot of your time and money and still feel good about what you have built would be to build the whole ting out of pressure treated (or cedar, hell IPE if you like to waste money by opainting and staining expensive wood white) and let it sit for a year and weather/winter. power (rinse only) wash it a year later at a rate of 10 minutes per 100 sq. ft, and after one day in the sun, paint all of your spindles AND railing AND any pieces of wood the spindles touch in white, and do not worry about getting any on the soon to be dark "stained" areas. When all of the white is done to your satisaction (2 coats should suffice, forget about primer) then go buy some SOLID exterior latex stain (aka diluted latex paint) to the dark colour you like (pressure treated wood is made with garbage wood good for nothing but making reasonably priced painted decks, do NOT buy semi transparent stain or anything made of oil- it smells, is toxic, flammable, wastes brushes and solvent, is difficult to dispose of, peels i could go on.

Having fun is the key.

Do not spray paint it unless your neighbor likes his BBQ to look like a dalmatian.

Or just paint the whole thing dark and save yourself thousand$ in time and money over the life of the deck. Mine is all charcoal, easy to touchup, and never looks dated.

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