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RMCarner 08-10-2010 07:54 AM

I live in a city where gangs spray their territory like dogs and cats.
A new couple that just moved in next door woke up this morning and discovered their garage door covered with gang symbols and crap. I would like to help them.
What is the best way to re-coat vinyl material?

mark942 08-11-2010 06:45 AM

Go to your local PAINT STORE, ask them about Acrylic resin paint used for vinyl application. Big boxed stores will not carry what your in need of product wise. Clean surface with soap and water. Use a light color paint, not a darker color. Vinyl is tricky that way in that if it gets to hot it will buckle or warp. Paint in the shade, not in direct sun light. Also ask them about a good primer for your particular situation. Good Luck.....................:thumbsup:

And good job by you for lending a hand to your neighbors .............:thumbup:

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