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rottpaws 11-16-2011 01:24 AM

Graco LTS17 vs. SprayTech 1620
I'm the kind of person who dives in head first to find out how deep it is, so-to-speak. I'm here more to minimize my pain rather than be advised to completely avoid it. :wallbash:

I have flipped about a dozen houses and done 99% of the painting with brushes and rollers. The last one I did needed some painting done in the basement and I borrowed a sprayer from a friend who had bought a Graco Magnum DX but never used it. I "hit my head on the bottom" a few times, but it was overall a very good experience.

I have 3 new projects coming up that will require a lot of painting; (2) 1800+ sqft basements, (3) 3-4 bedrooms, 3 living rooms, and maybe a deck and fence.

Unless someone talks me out of them, I've narrowed my search down to a refurbished Graco LTS17 or SprayTech 1620. Does anyone have any opinions for selecting one or the other of these? These seem to be pretty comparable, but the SprayTech is about $40 cheaper.

Are the hoses and guns interchangeable between them? One potential issue is the big box stores around here carry Graco accessories, but not SprayTech. I'm a little concerned that if I go with the SprayTech to save a little money, it will be more difficult for me to find replacement filters, spray tips, etc. when I need them.

I understand sprayers are not generally recommended for the interior (non-basement) walls, but what about using a roller attachment with one of the airless pumps? Is that effective? Or would it be better/easier to just go with an 18" roller and do it the old fashioned way?

Thanks in advance for your advice!

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