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DonNH 11-02-2005 09:15 PM

Good floor paint?
Hi all.
I'm building a 24x36, 2 story detached garage. The second floor decking is Advantech osb subfloor, but I don't plan on putting any additional floor covering over it.
I should have it decked this weekend, and the weather should be nice enough to get some paint on it. I want it painted both for short term protection from the elements as I'm building the roof, and long-term wear protection.
Since I'll have just a nice big flat surface before I start framing the roof, it should be an ideal time to just roll on some paint.

I'd like something moderately priced and not too slippery.
Any suggestions?


slickshift 11-03-2005 07:16 AM

I haven't specifically tried it on Advantech osb subfloor, but the Ben Moore's Porch and Patio is very good
I use it inside and out (though out is usually on small balconies and stuff, I use solid deck stain for anything bigger)
I've probably used it on everything else, wood, concrete, new, prev painted, walls (commercial bathrooms-this stuff is tuff)

If it will be exposed for a while, then covered, I wouldn't have any problem recommending it

Just not for garage floors where there's oil in the concrete

Paintguy26 05-22-2006 06:00 PM

I recommend Sherwin Williams Prep-Rite primer. I would personally go with either ProBlock or their All Surface Enamel Latex Primer. Then a topcoat of their All Surface Enamel, preferably the oil based one they offer. These 2 products are incredibly durable, especially for flooring. Just talk to your local Sherwin Williams reps and I'm sure you'll be happy. And a tip: you said "roll on some paint"...make sure you always backbrush when you roll the paint on for proper adhesion. Good luck, let me know how it goes.....

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