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denemante 11-03-2011 10:34 PM

glazing white builder grade cabinets - how to get this look?
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Hey all,

We have crappy white builder-grade cabinets. The frames are wood and MDF. The doors are MDF with some white plastic sort of shrink wrapped on. Our neighbor has the same ones, and they were able to easily peel off that white plastic, leaving netural MDF base. Then they just painted a single color.

We're simply not in a place where we can replace our cabinets, and we just hate how they look now - solid white. I'm confident in my skills but at the same time, I feel anything would be an improvement.

I want to try to achieve the look in the attachment. On the front left leg, you can see a shine, almost as if it's polished. That almost looks like it's been sprayed with poly or even done at a factory. OK - maybe I can't get that exactly.

But what would be the process to get as close to this look as I can?

I've read and watched videos on antiquing, glazing, distressing, etc. etc. But each seems to show just one step: "paint on glaze liberally, wipe it off to desired effect. You're done!"

Since my cabinets are already white (bright white) - I'm hopeful that can serve as a base layer.

Of note - I'll have all the doors and drawer faces off. So I suppose I could get a sprayer and spray them with poly at the end if that would give me a more pro look.

oh'mike 11-04-2011 07:13 AM

There was a great thread on this exact subject a few months back in 'painting'

Perhaps someone can find it for you (or try search--which never works for me)--Mike---

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