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pankaek 04-02-2012 02:42 PM

Flaky Paint on Floor Joists in Basement
Looking for how to deal with really old flaky paint on the floor joists in the basement.

The story:
For some reason a previous owner of my house had painted the floor joists and the underneath of the floorboards in the basement. The paint is in really bad condition now and is flaking badly. The laundry area is in the basement so there's generally a problem with dust and dirt and carrying dust etc. on soles of shoes upstairs.
Have tested the paint for lead and tested Lead Free (With D-Lead) So no Lead at least to deal with. There's only one layer of paint on the joists/floorboards.

So I want to clean up the basement and laundry area in particular and want to know what to do with the old flaky paint. I saw some nice finished 4 x 8 panels at Lowe's that would work nicely as a ceiling, and can be easily removed if I need to access electrical, pipes etc. This is not a finished basement, it's pretty basic but I want to make it cleaner and look nicer.

I see my options as:
a) Prepare the surface properly for a complete painting job. i.e. Scrape, sand, vacuum etc. Then spray paint a coat of primer. Attach Panels.
b) Leave the old paint alone but Spray paint some kind of 'encapsulate' on the paint to keep the dust/flaking down. Attach Panels.
c) Do nothing to the paint, Attach panels.

Option a is obviously the most costly (and dusty option). Option c is the laziest and cheapest option.

Any recommendations on which way to go on this? Or any other ways I can easily remediate the flaky paint problem?

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