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bighorn27 11-04-2005 06:15 PM

Faux painting techniques
My wife and i did this to my mom's lower level using base paint and 1 lighter over paint with sponge. Took forever with sponge but loved it so much we want to do our rooms as such. Went to store and ended up totally confused by other but seemingly quicker methods. Found roller w/natural sponge texure, seen paint using spatula to blend and also using rag for effects. Which is most recommended or do I stay with the slow hand sponge way. I never want to wall paper again or strip it off. Is there an url to view different designs of faux painting without paying for their info ? Thanks for your time.

MasterStrokes 11-06-2005 03:08 PM

Stay away from those quick method tools. It’s a waste of money. I’d have to see the 2 color sponge effect you applied. I’m sure it looks nice but the look is out dated. Color washes are popular today and should be easier to do if it’s done correctly. It involves painting a base color and letting it dry. Then adding another color or colors to glaze. 3 parts glaze to 1 part paint. More paint to get the color depth you’re looking for. I wish I could help you with the application but it can vary in so many ways. Generally it is easier to apply and pretty user friendly once the glaze/paint is mixed.

Experiment with a few applicators all at once. A brush, rag, cheesecloth and even your finger tips. All the while misting the application ever so lightly with water. The colors will blend together very easily and the effect can be stunning. I’d stay away from the “How To” books and faux websites. Go to a reputable paint supplier in your area and buy good glaze that has a slow drying time. No Behr paints! I use a glaze made by “Modern Masters” but you’ll likely have to buy it online. Try 2 or three colors over the base color for a very professional appearance.

If you can include an ivory color in your color scheme do it. It’s a light color that blends in with just about any other control color. Most of all have fun doing it. A faux finish is a little work but should be fun once the appearance starts to evolve. :)

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