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justinramani 11-11-2012 01:07 PM

Exterior Painting Questions
I took advantage of the SW 40% off sale today and purchased 10 gallons of A-100. I was originally going to purchase paint with a slight sheen because ive heard that its more durable, but the salesman advised against it b/c the sheen would clash with the brick on the house. His theory is that the bricks are dull and the paint would have a sheen. Has anyone heard of that before? I took his advice and purchased flat paint, but I was second guessing my decision as soon as I left.

Next Question: I originally planned on spraying the exterior of the house. Its a single story ranch (approx 1400 sq ft). The SW rep told me that I would have to back roll the paint anyways. He basically said that I would waste paint by spraying and would not save much time overall. He advised that I go at it with a 3-4 inch brush. Anyone have any advice on this? It seems easy enough to brush, but im always worried about streaking. The house has composite siding.

Final Question: The seams where the composite boards meet have increased over time. Some boards have 1/8 inch gap. It looks like the previous owner tried to mitigate the problem by slapping primer over the joints and repainting over just the joints. This has left the house looking like its suffering from a disease. There are dark spots covering all of the seams. My plan is to power wash, caulk, spot prime over the seams and dark spots, and paint. Does that sound about right? I want to avoid priming the entire house b/c most of the paint is in acceptable condition. Again, any advice is appreciated. Thanks!


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