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Exterior Paint Options

We just bought a town home in Arizona. It was built in 91 and has vertical grooved wood sheet siding that is very weather checked and rough. I thought about using a belt sander to knock the high spots down, but they really cut fast so I bought an orbital sander which is more aggressive than a palm sander. Last April before we left, I sprayed it with Thompsons Water Seal. The thought being that that would put some oil back into the wood (it was like a sponge and really soaked it up) and be cured out by the time we returned this fall. I had heard that Thompsons was parafin based. If so, will latex paint adhere to it after it has cured out? I plan to surface sand the wood with coarse grit paper, just enough to knock off the high spots.

So, now it's paint or stain time. Any thoughts on the best way to go? Paint should last longer, but I have always avoided it to stay away from peeling and scraping. The paint has loosened and really come off in some areas that I hit with a hose. The main siding is cracked but holding.

We use elastomeric coatings for the roofs here because it has great flexibility in temperature extremes, and I used it to paint a metal storage shed roof on Minnesota, which has worked well. Just had it tinted the color I wanted. I thought about using it as paint on my siding in AZ, thinking it may be more flexible than paint and resist cracking so moisture doesn't get behind it to cause cracking and peeling. Then I thought that it would not breath like paint. On the other hand, if it didn't crack, and there was no leakage behind it, so what? It could still breath through the back side of the sheet, but could it cause it to delaminate? I sure would appreciate your thoughts and experiences on this - expecially if you are involved in this profession. Thanks. Jerry

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Exterior Paint Options

Ugg, you are in trouble. The paraffin in Thompsons is a wax base and not much of anything will stick to it. My recommendations would be to power wash the crap out of it and then test a spot to see if that did the trick.

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Exterior Paint Options

I was afraid of that. So, how about using Thompsons solid color stain? I assume they have that. I assume that would be compatible. But, can it be custom mixed? We have a HOA color code, and I would have to match that. And, I wonder how long before that could be covered with traditional latex paint. Any thoughts?

I had intended to usr XIM Peel Bond, but spose that's a no go too. I wonder how much going over it with an orbital sander followed by pressure washer would help. I'm sure the Thompsons penetrated deep though.
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