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KJac 10-24-2012 09:34 PM

Exterior paint color recommendations for 1920's brick/siding home

Please see the picture album above. The first picture is the current color of the house, a light beige on the siding and fascia with white around the windows and soffit. Only the front of the house is brick, the rest is all asbestos siding.

I made a few color schemes in photoshop, but none of them really look that great to me. I was hoping someone here might have a real eye for colors and could suggest a few colors schemes to try? I'm also not sure what color to paint the front door or side doors...decisions decisions..

joecaption 10-25-2012 09:14 AM

Just about any major paint companys web site has an area where you can down load a picture of your home and change the colors on screen.

Windows 10-25-2012 10:02 AM

I would go with a red/orange color, something from the brick, for the dormer siding; white on the trim; then a contrasting color for the door, grey, olive, light periwinkle, or navy blue.

KJac 10-25-2012 10:05 AM


Originally Posted by joecaption (Post 1037632)
Just about any major paint companys web site has an area where you can down load a picture of your home and change the colors on screen.

Yea I saw that, I can do a better job in photoshop myself. My main problem isn't applying the colors, it's figuring out which colors work well together. Thanks for the tip though.

user1007 10-25-2012 07:30 PM

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The nice thing about the programs Joe was talking about is they kick out paint chip names and numbers but I will fix that for you in a moment in another way.

Let's assume to start we are both looking at your photos on a 6500K (industry standard for viewing color) monitors? If not, you might want to pick that option so we are on the same page? I don't know about fruit machines but there is a standard menu option in the Windows world.

You have three colors that are not going to change: roof, brick and plants. My pixel grabber kicked out the following RGB codes for a sort of generic brick and roof tile I chose from one of your photos. 128-81-81 for the brick. 119-118-116 for the roof. Your roof is neutral so nothing you have to worry about in picking color for this.

I plugged those into my color exploration tool and built a color wheel anchored with the brick color. I then looked for the split compliments for that color and came up with greens that your plants are already providing and some nice blues. The color wheel green split compliment I worked with full strength is 114-122-77 and the blue is 72-97-114.

Since your plants are already providing the green split compliment I did noisy blend from the brick color to the blue split compliment. Just about any hue, or some combination in the blend should look nice on your home. You might want to pick a color from the blend that has a little more punch for the steps, door, awning etc. You may want to paint the awning gray to match the roof. Up to you. Obviously you do not have to use the colors full strength and can either tint (add white) or shade (them) them. In theory tinting or shading a color does not change its hue---just its value. Flaw in the theory is that available whites and blacks are seldom pure.

Anyhow, I have mentioned this before and people are probably tired of seeing it posted but I use a nice free program called to convert RGB color codes to paint. Scroll over the swatches or any color band in the blend I am sharing with your pixel grabber and get the RGB color code. Go to the site. Pick a major paint manufacturer and one of its color collections. Enter the RGB color code and the system will kick out the names an numbers of the four closest paint chips. You can then go the paint store to get actual chips, oversized samples or a sample quart to make sure you like the look.

Hope this help or at least inspires you to keep exploring?

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