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josievic 06-15-2011 07:49 AM

Exterior Paint Color Advice
We are in the process of closing on the attached home...while I love the home itself I cannot stand to monotone colors of the exterior and interior....We are coming from a craftsman home adorned with so many colors and while I know this type of home wouldn't hold up to those colors I really NEED HELP!! Any exterior paint colors you recommend? We do plan on adding shutters to the window fyi..

user1007 06-15-2011 09:40 AM

I will work on some suggestions. I think you would benefit by uploading yout photo to one of the virtual painting software products offered by major paint store brands. I use the Benjamin Moore one all the time. Sherwin Williams has one too. I suspect others. Once you pick the colors you want the software kicks out the nearest paint codes. You can then go to the store and get large swatch or small cans of paint to try it out.

Once you have the surface masked off to indicate body color, roof color, shutter color, doors, etc. you can drag and drop color combinations to achieve the look you want.

Exterior color choices should also respect the relationship between the home and the land it sits on. And think about what it will look like in different seasons. You want a color scheme that will like all year round and especially in winter when everything is glaring white or neutral because of the snow.

Nobody will miss your house painted 83 monochromatic shades of pepto bismo pink but it will look goofy. Your Neighboorhood Homeowners Association may have guidelines for allowed color. The house should either blend with or at least compliment your landscape elements.

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