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janedoe 04-12-2007 03:50 PM

exterior paint
Need some advice on choosing exterior paint, Porter or Sherwin Williams. We live in the Atlanta area & need it to be mildew resistant, fade resistant, no peeling, cracking, don't want to paint again for at least 10 years. Help, thanks.

DIYHelper 04-12-2007 06:36 PM

Depends on who's doing it. Are you?

slickshift 04-12-2007 08:41 PM

Although I use mostly Ben Moore paints, for the best exterior I'd have to say it's Sherwin Williams Duration

I'm in a pretty heinous environment, and it holds up terrific
Not that some other brands Top Of The Line aren't great, but I used SW Duration on my own home

On a side note, I feel ten years is unrealistic, regardless of any sales pitch or marketing material (which includes warranties, as they are marketing material)
Perhaps that is my location, maybe in another region one can get longer
5-7 years is usually considered average

I'm a firm believer in this adage:
Repaint before you need to
If it doesn't need it this year, but looks like it might need it next year, then paint it this year
If you wait until next year, it'll cost you more
...more prep/prime/scrape/sand/repair/ and actual paint

joewho 04-13-2007 02:52 AM

There's several products that will hold up for you, depending on a couple things. prep is number one, primer is second and color plays a role in fading.

My experience is with Sherwin-Williams, and I also think Duration is superior. It will protect for 10 years, and is mildew resistant.

Superpaint is also a good paint. Advertised as a 25 yr. paint. Atlanta is a humid enviornment, properly applied, superpaint will last for 10 yrs.
However, that only means it protects the house for 10 yrs. It's a lot to ask for no fading, especially with deep colors or anything with a lot of yellow in it.
Super paint is much less expensive than duration. If you can budget duration, use it, if not, use superpaint. If you are going for strong colors, such as on trim, SW has an excellent deep color paint called Color Accents-Exterior. Color Accents cost is in between Duration and Superpaint.

All the paints mentioned are mildew/mold resistant. When you purchase paint ask your salesman about adding an additional mildew product. I would recommend adding additional mildew protectant to the paint for the northside of your house only. The best mildew resistant paints still get mildew on the north side or where trees block the sunlight. Trees are a major concern for paint and roofing.

Hope this helps.

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