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campbell804 09-20-2009 02:53 PM

Expert advice on a Graco Spray
Good Day All

I just recently purchased my first Graco sprayer. It is the Ultra Max 2 490 with a contractor 2 gun :thumbsup:. I purchased it used and keep in mind I still have a 30 day money back guaranty. When I bought it there was, what I believe, to be paint thinner all through it. So I brought it home and ran gallons of water through it and some pump armor.

Now, this sprayer looks like it has pumped 100's of gallons of paint through it. So I decided to take it apart. In doing so it is quite obvious I need a gun repair kit, no big deal it is to be expected. Although, I noticed some rust in the ends of the hose and the base of the Spray gun. Is this fine? Do I need a new hose? or is there a trick to clean it out. Furthermore, when I took the gun off the hose to flush out the hose when I turned the priming switch to prime there was water coming out the hose. Is this normal?

Next, I took the pump all apart and inspected it. All the throat seals are deformed and looking like :censored:. I need a pump repair kit now as well. However, when going through all the pieces there was rust in the main pump housing and the piston is all rusted as well which doesn't come with the the pump repair kit. Should I get a new pump? or pump repair kit?

Also, In the hose leading from the pump to the filter there is rust in there and also a little bit of rust in the filter housing.

The last problem is of the two bolts that attach the filter to the motor hosing one is stripped so I might be able to use a tap and die set on it. The other is unable to go in because it is broke right off and is being supported by a wire.

The big question is to put it all back together the way it is and get my money back :furious:. Or, do I send some money get all new pieces and spend the time fixing it up? Which pieces would I need? can I clean some of the rust off?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

F.Y.I - I payed $400 CAD for it :thumbup:. I could probally buy it brand new around here for $1600 CAD, I have seen other used ones for around $1000 CAD on KIJIJI in my area. Also, there are some sprayer rescue shops in the area. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Thanks for your help and time in advance

moisheh 09-20-2009 03:37 PM

I think you no the answer. Get a refund and run away from this POS. There are on line stores that sell complete units for around $400 to $600. Are you a contractor? Why does it have to be a Graco? I bet you will spend over $500 on this item. Usually when a hose is plugged or full of dried paint you replace the hose. Does not sound like a bargain!!


campbell804 09-21-2009 07:47 PM

Thanks for that reply

It does not have to be a Graco, it is just what I could find in my area. I have been searching now for over one month and it was a definte deal ( not knowing what I found out later) I am a general contractor, thinking a sprayer will help me with cutting down on project time. I called the company today and they told me a new unit would cost me $1900. I don't really like ordering items costing this much online, but if some one knows a cheap spot with good feedback and cheap shipping to or within canada please let me know. I also got in touch with a sprayer repair shop today he offered me to check it out for 35 bucks and 50 if he ends up repairing any of it. So I am thinking to get it checked out and make a desicison after that. Am I totally crazy? any other solutions out there? any suggestions on what I should dish out before getting rid of it?


moisheh 09-21-2009 08:58 PM

Try This:


Sprayboy 10-20-2009 10:27 PM

You paid way too little for that unit. That should be your first clue. A rusty piston is no problem. A rusty piston rod is. Is there noticeable wear on the rod. If there are vertical scratches it's toast. A new packing kit is $57.00. Take a brake cylinder hone and run it through the cylinder. Clean it with thinner and run your figure down it. Wavy or ridges? It's toast too. A prime valve that leaks a little into the spray hose when it's on prime is no big deal. A prime valve that leaks back into the bucket on spray is shot. Another $70.00. Hose is cheap so just pitch it. A new Endurance II pump will be in the $500.00 range. The Contractor II guns come in several models, some of which tend to leak. The kits are around $50.00. If this unit was serviced by me and sitting in my shop the price tag on it would be $650.00 US. You can make your decision from here.

markmay121 10-22-2009 02:54 PM

You need to go to your local Sherwin Williams store. I bought my graco pump from SW and they have handled every problem i have ever had. i have even met their local graco rep and he walked me through everything i needed to know.

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