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gocubs 09-06-2008 11:37 AM

experiencing problems after wallpaper removal
Hi everyone, first post here and I wanted to say thanks ahead of time for any input. Here is my problem and its details:

I am working with plaster walls after stripping wallpaper. The walls were stripped using TSP and thouroughly cleaned/rinsed afterwards. I allowed the walls to dry overnight before I applied an oil-based primer. I was told to use this over latex because it would create a barrier against any moisture left in the wall and my top coats. After priming, I sanded the walls and applied some mud to areas that needed attention using powder sheetrock (45 minute). I allowed the mud to dry 24 hours before I sanded, vacuumed and primed the patches. Since I had some laying around I used a flat white latex to prime the patches and everything looked good, no bubbles yet. I allowed the patched and primed areas another 24 hours of drying time before applying my wall color. Now when I applied the first coat of wall color (latex, eggshell) I noticed a few bubbles but they flattened out by the next day. 24 hours later when I applied the finish coat I noticed alot more bubbling and this time they did not flatten upon drying.

So now I'm not sure what I should do. Most of the bubbles are so small I am tempted to not touch it because it really isn't that noticeable from even five feet away. I am however worried about premature peeling if I leave it alone. Should I sand the bubbles down and throw another coat on?

So I guess I'm looking for a few things here...Options on where to go from here and also, What did I do wrong? Should I have primed the patchwork with something other than a flat white? Should I not have used an oil-based primer for latex paint? I was told you can use latex over an oil-based primer but not oil-based paint. Anyway, apologies for the length but I wanted to be as specific as possible. Any suggestions would be great and thanks again.

slickshift 09-06-2008 04:59 PM

If could be any of a number of factors
But before we get into that:

What was the exact oil primer used, and what was used as a top coat?

Are the bubbles only over the areas patched with quick mud?

When the wall covering was removed, was there paint underneath?

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