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Elmer Spray On Adhesive removal...

In an attempt to give our little daughter a one-of-a-kind room, we purchased a 'room wrap' party kit. This is basically very thin plastic similar to the cheap table cloth you would buy for a child's birthday party.

In our infinite wisdom, we used Elmer's spray on adhesive to put the plastic on the walls. I must admit, it was certainly one-of-a-kind! Now, three years later in normal fashion our daughter has grown out of this phase and is ready to redecorate. We have removed all of the plastic only to be left with walls covered in a very thin layer of the spray on adhesive.

How in the world do we remove this stuff?!? I've removed wall paper/border before with a hot steaming iron and wet cloth. Worked very well for the wall paper, but not such a 'hot' idea for this. (No pun partially intended here)

We've tried nail polish remover only to be overcome by fumes and a rather light headed feeling!

We've tried Goo-Gone and a plastic scraper. This had some success, but i've read that the oils from this will soak into the wall and make it impossible to paint afterward!

I am hoping we are not the only ones out here who have done this and someone out there has an idea!!

I'll attach pictures of the cool room when I find them burried somewhere in our external hard drive. It really was a one of a kind room! :-)


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try lacquer thinner and heating the glue slightly with a hair dryer.


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I didn't think of the hair dryer technique. I'll give that a shot.

I have run to Lowe's and picked up some Murphy's Oil soap. I've mixed it pretty strong with water. Been going over the sticky spots with a soaked rag. I'll let it dry then hit the tough spots with a scotch scrub pad. That is working, slowly, but working!

I'll give the hair dryer a shot and report back!

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Krud Kutter would be worth a try. It'll soften most adhesives so they scrub or scrape off fairly easily.
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What worked....

After all the advice and several attempts at varying solutions, I figured I would post what ended up working for us just in case someone else comes up with this really unique idea....

We ended up using Murphy's Oil soap diluted in hot water. We did learn however that you should be careful in how hard you scrub to get the glue off. A 3M scrub pad worked out great. The sponge with the scrubber on the other side was even better.

A good, wet sponge, not soaking... was used to spread the hot water/soap mixture. Just enough to get the walls a little wet. We gave it a few seconds to get into the glue then scrubbed it with the scrubber.

One note to keep in mind is that this was done on a previously painted wall. I wouldn't suggest this for unfinished drywall as the water would soak in and the soap my have an adverse effect on the drywall as well.

After all was said and done, painting our little princess' room is moving along quite well. I would post a pic, but I see we are limited to 100kb. Heck my iPhone takes 2 meg pics! :-(

Thanks for all the advice!
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