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Duration Home... professional advice requested.

My small shop is finally nearing completion and I've finished prepping the remaining surfaces for topcoats. I'll try and leave out the non-relevant information and keep focused on specifically what I'm having issue with. If you need any other details just ask and I will provide them. FYI, when I abbreviate "SW" I'm referring to Sherwin Williams.

Details relating to this part of the project, in order of completion:
New sheetrock
2 coats of SW drywall primer
(all woodwork, shelving, mouldings, built ins, etc. fabricated, installed, and finished from primer to SW Pro Classic interior acrylic latex enamel, etc.)
minor drywall touchup
1 coat of SW multi purpose primer

So now I'm ready to topcoat, and the shelving, built ins, and other permanent fixtures break up the paintable drywall areas quite a bit, so most of the sheetrock areas to receive the Duration Home colors will appear more like small-ish accent walls. Anyway, the colors aren't boring, and they are both a satin finish. One is called Center Stage (extremely vibrant green) SW 6920, which requires a bright yellow base. The other color is called Dovetail (sort of a medium tone gray) SW 7018, which requires a deep base. I already have the proper roller covers, brush types, etc for the project, but it seems like people have had some trouble achieving pristine results with certain colors and/or base types, so now it's Q&A time..

-Due to the many hundreds of feet of "cut in" do you recommend allowing the cut in paint to dry before rolling the walls?
-Are there any specific tips/tricks that you use while working with the duration home bright yellow base, and/or deep base?

Most of my finishing experience lies with things other than drywall, hence the rather oddball questions. The main reason why I'm even bothering to ask about the duration home, with those specific base types, is due to the sheer volume of posts I skimmed in various places online with people pulling their hair out in frustration. Any help, advice, tips, or tricks that you can share with me will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Oh yeah... it's been raining a lot here lately and the relative humidity inside the shop was creeping up near 80% so I've been using my commercial dehumidifier to maintain a steady 50% RH, and the temperature ranges from 70-78 degrees throughout the day/night.



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I see no problems, paint away


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No do not let the paint dry before you roll especially with colors like you are talking about. the chances of lines showing be be heightened quite a bit.If I read this right you have already primed, if you did not tint your primer just remember with bright yellow and green it will probably take multiple coats and this is not the fault of the paint. I have used Duration quite a bit and it's a good paint. Good luck
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Just remember with some bases like you mention you will need two coats of finish for sure and maybe another to get the coverage you want. Make sure you are using thick enough nap roller covers. Good you added the dehumidifier. Plan on checking it after you apply the paint as the water in the paint will add humidity and you may have to empty more often than usual.
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Thank you for your responses.

Toolseeker: This shop has an annoyingly diverse number of surface types to prepare and coat, so I wanted to keep my primer versatile (white) so that I can use any color/type of topcoat over it. I just didn't want to end up with a half a gallon of some crazy tinted primer that I'd probably never use again, and I wasn't exactly sure how many of the "accent" areas I'd be using the green in, so nailing down a more exact amount of tinted primer needed would have been tough. With all of that being said, I couldn't agree more that using a tinted primer would have absolutely been the best thing to do in order to help achieve the deep full coverage of color I'm after. I'll keep that in mind regarding the cut in, which is extensive and going to be annoying with all of the built ins and things to go around, from floor to ceiling and everything in between. My only real concern was that the cut in would be just dry and sticky enough underneath the "skin" to possibly want to peel off a little here and there once the roller hit it. I'll just keep a close eye on it and make adjustments on the fly if necessary.

sdsester: I definitely hear you on the multiple topcoats. I was already planning on 2 full coats, and possibly 3 if necessary. Oh the unspeakable joy! It's not like I have anyone but myself to blame for the odd colors, but with all of the gloss white enamel shelving, woodwork, built ins, etc, the 2 wall colors should add a neat/fun contrast. I'll be using a 3/8" roller cover for the Dovetail gray, and the recommended SherFab 1/2" roller cover for the crazy green.

Okay, I'm off to finish rolling the other ceiling section and then hopefully I'll be rocking some wall colors here within the next couple of days. I'll let you know how things play out as the project progresses.
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